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‘Mated’ is the second book in the 'Enchanted Series. It follows on from where we left off in Book 1, ‘Seduced.' Now, it goes without saying that you should have read book one first.

We pick up the tale as Rob and Cassie seek out her Uncle Fredrick. He’s the Warlock, who sent them back in time to the year one-thousand-six-hundred and five. It’s November the fourth the day before a plot to kill the King is foiled.

We left this pair sleeping in a barn somewhere in the English countryside. They need to find her Uncle to avoid being caught up in the events that occurred that day. Or for that matter being pointed out as participants in the plot.

However, was that her Uncle’s reason for sending them back. Or was there another motive. Well, the reading of this book will soon disclose his intentions.

Now, who says Witches and Warlocks don’t exist. Follow the story in this erotic novel and discover the romance that can be brought about by their presence.
Not only does Cassie have special powers, but she also possesses an incredible sex drive. Join me as she unleashes her sexual appetite onto her soon to be partner Rob. Cassie and Rob have unwittingly been thrust together by her four-hundred-plus-year-old uncle.

Rob wonders if all husbands have it this good. He knows that they don't and that this ‘witch’ is a sexual powerhouse. All he can do is focus on standing, so she can continue her craft. He’s long past considering if she’s using magic to enhance sex.

The sex scenes in this book are breathtaking in their intensity and depth of passion. The journey is from this world and times long past. As with all good romances erotic or not, there is always a happy ever after ending.

This book is a work of fiction, and it covers coming of age, new adult, & college, saga, contemporary woman, romance, erotica, romance erotica and some may say fantasy. My writing also contains humor, women's fiction, action, and adventure.

I’m not a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author. However, considering the number out there that claim to be, this is most likely a good thing. Since I’ve been writing I have never seen so many who make outrageous claims.

All my titles touch on BDSM, domination, submission and the alpha male. The two series that I’m writing at present go into this lifestyle a little further than my short stories.

With the relaxed sexual boundaries that exist today, a lot of women secretly crave the fantasy of submission. For most, it’s an escape from reality and the everyday pressures of life.

I personally know that a lot of very successful women use the lifestyle, as escapism from their high-powered jobs. It allows them to surrender all decision making to another, even if only for a short spell, maybe just on weekends away from their workplace.

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May 23

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