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“Mistress Rose and Her Dungeon of Questionable Delights” is written in a humorous, irreverent style to both entertain as well as titillate. One of my readers, Sujac has written, “First review I've ever written and I've read a lot of erotica, BDSM, etc. This book (Authors note: Review was of "Urban Legends: The Curious Tale of Naughty Alphonso's Adult Video's and Toy's") was a riot. Creative, hot, hysterically funny erotica and BDSM. BDSM funny? Yes! The way Ellioto writes it. I was laughing out loud while cringing at the same time. Loved the book so much I'm now reading everything he's written. This author has a truly twisted mind and I love it." (reviewed within a week of purchase). All of my books are written in the same way. "Mistress Rose and Her Dungeon of Questionable Delights" is a full length novel at over 51,000 words.

Jack and Nadine, overachieving teen athletes, had been yearning to expand their sexual horizons beyond mere marathon sex and delve into the dark side of kink. Martha, the hot thirty something MILF with the nicest prefab tits of any mother in Brookline Massachusetts, expanded hers considerably when she seduced Jack in When MILF’s Attack! Now the three of them, still on the same mission, have a date with Mistress Rose, the sadistic man-hating Boston matron who keeps a sex dungeon one floor down from her 26th floor penthouse. Having no idea what to expect, they get way more than they bargained for.

Martha was the reason the group received an invite to the dungeon in the first place. She and Mistress Rose met at the home of a mutual acquaintance and Rose instantly developed a crush on the fantastically buff woman. She had to have her. Even to the point of reluctantly allowing the two teens to tag along. After a bizarre encounter in the dungeon with the slave Eric the Toilet during which he performs a completely unexpected, disgusting but supremely pleasurable act, Mistress Rose culls her away from the teens. They retreat to a secluded cushion filled dungeon room, get high on a fine African Indica and, with the help of a thick double ended, vibrating, squirming E-Stim strap-on, take turns experiencing brain numbing multiple orgasms as they hold on tightly to one another for dear life. The best sex was yet to come when Mistress Rose binds the stoned Martha to a dentist’s chair and forces Violet, who was already locked in a wooden three hole stock, to perform a magnificent three part aria on her tender, weary, over stimulated naughty bits.

While Rose entertains Martha, Jack and Nadine encounter Violet, Rose’s petite black sex slave. With a tongue as educated as that of any French courtesan and with a slot tighter than O.J.’s glove, those pleasures are no match for the thrill they receive when she teaches them her advanced class on kinky eroticism. It is then when Jack experiences anal sex for the very first time. But he better watch out. Mistress Rose has it in for him and wants to breach him with a large black E-Stim dildo.

Nadine, a haughty hard body seductress-in-training of Italian decent, is blown away by the half dozen expensive sex machines found in one of the dungeons many rooms. As horny as all get out from watching Jack and Violet go at it on The Love Chair, she test rides a thrusting device mounted on a stationary bicycle. The faster she pedals the faster the device thrusts. Multi-orgasmic, her trembling legs makes her stop when she can't pedal any more. But not before the amazing first time feeling of Violet's tiny slicked-up fist and arm. Her best orgasms were yet to come when she encounters the savagely potent Zapp button on the same E-Stim dildo Mistress Rose wants to use to abuse Jack.

This and much, much more awaits you in Mistress Rose and Her Dungeon of Questionable Delights.

Fiction & Literature
December 19
BB Ellioto

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