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No area of modern science deserves the "Nobody Knows!" treatment more than the cosmological triumvirate of string theory, M-theory and quantum gravity--controversial, modern big bang theories that have dominated physics for over a generation now. These are scientific theories where everybody agrees that "Nobody Knows Anything!" so it's hard to be original. In response, Nobody! "takes it to the end of the line" in Nobody Knows the Big Bang!--a direct challenge to the Stephen Hawking books, A Brief History of Time and The Grand Design (written with Leonard Mlodinow). Nobody! looks to the works of the great British scientist Sir Fred Hoyle for more imaginative answers to the questions about the origin and evolution of the universe (or multiverse), and then supports those views with the most up-to-date evidence. Nobody Knows the Big Bang! includes the many imaginative alternatives that are currently available to the big bang theory--a marvelous theoretical cornucopia explained in short essays that the man or woman in the street can easily understand. As always!

“Clearly the waste product of one of those monkeys attempting to type the complete works of Shakespeare.” Nobody at Save the Typing Chimps

“During its golden age, the universe was a game of billiards. Apparently, the universe lost.” Nobody at the Billiard Congress of America

“The Bob Dylan of popular science writes again.” Nobody on Maggie’s Farm

“String theory as Orwellian cosmology?” Nobody on Animal Farm

“Where scientists have long failed, Nobody! has successfully extracted sunbeams from cucumbers. All we need now is a new battery to store them in.” Nobody at the Grand Academy of Lagado

“Nobody! believes that genies should be kept in bottles--except for Barbara Eden, of course!” Nobody at the American Genie Bottling Company

“‘Imagination in a tight straitjacket!’” Nobody in Arkham Asylum

“A Nobody! book is a quantum object. It invites all possible interpretations!” Nobody at Barnes & Noble Booksellers (“The Books!”)

“Hoyle without rules--who’d have thought?” Nobody reading Hoyle’s Rules of Games

“You get Mr.Wizard, but you want Roxy Hart!” Nobody at the American Hart Association

“Unfilmable!” Nobody at Variety

“What’s easier to believe--that Nobody! is a genius, and the universe is stupid; or that Nobody! is stupid, and the universe is a genius?” Nobody in The Genius Universe

“There does seem to be one silver lining. In an infinite universe, every idiot will have their day.” Nobody at Idiots Anonymous

“In an infinite universe, every possible violation of Occam’s razor will occur an infinite number of times.” Nobody sharpening Occam’s Infinity Razor

“The Supreme Court has already ruled that free will exists (United States v. Grayson, 1978). Maybe we should just make it illegal to promote the idea of a multiverse without citing evidence and leave it to the courts to decide!” Nobody in Washington D.C.

Science & Nature
November 2

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