Open up Your Organisation Open up Your Organisation

Open up Your Organisation

Fully Embrace Diversity with Profiles Inclusiveness

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Better understanding
Better organisations
Better society

Even though leaders are convinced of the benefits of diversity, equality, equity, inclusion and inclusiveness, some may not be aware of the full potential. In OPEN Up Your Organisation, Ihsane Haouach strives to achieve diversity that is not readily apparent at first glance. She developed an innovative model encouraging people to be Open to other viewpoints, resolve difficulties with Patience, feel Empathy for stakeholders and find a safe space to be Natural. Through facts, illustrated concepts, and reallife examples, you'll assess your management style and confront your realities. You just need to read this book with your mind OPEN!

'With this book, Ihsane brings a set of actionable tools to make our world more equal, with a determination to address one of our century's most important challenges: diversity.'
- Dr. Ilham Kadri, CEO of Solvay

'Ihsane's book, rich in both concepts and real-life experience, reminds us that at the heart, Diversity, Equity and Inclusiveness is about empathy and our common humanity.'
- Harold Boël, CEO of Sofina, Chair of United World College Belgium

'Ihsane is a pioneer of diversity, paving the way for many others after her with courage and resilience. It is only natural that her journey led her to develop such a thoughtful framework for us to reflect on.'
- Audrey Hanard, Partner at Dalberg, Chair of bpost

'I congratulate Ihsane Haouach for developing a new model of inclusiveness with OPEN. We need to learn to love others as they are, who they are, what they are and where they are.'
- Satish Kumar, Peace-pilgrim, Life-long activist, Author

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23 May
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