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There is a belief that super stardom is reserved for some folks; it’s for musicians, politicians, preachers, sports men and women, media moguls and speakers. Very few people from other fields show up. The truth of the matter remains; we’re all born to shine. Greatness is reserved for each one of us. Condoleezza Rice put it in this way; “Every life is worthy and every life is capable of greatness” Human beings are created with unlimited potentials. The potentials to become whatever they want to be have been installed in their spirits. If you become less than a superstar in your field, career or business there is no God or ghost to blame. It’s up to you to stretch yourself and occupy your area of greatness. If you take deliberate efforts to make yourself a superstar, you will surely get there. With your strong desire, plan for achievements, efforts to make it happen, hardworking, clear vision that gives a sense of direction, unquenchable hunger and force of focus-YOU’RE UNBEATABLE. Prophet Uebert Angel says “When you’re at the top, you become a topic”. You belong to the top but you can choose to dwell at the bottom.
The question is why does few people rise and shine as superstar and many don’t? This book will expose to you ten principles that will guide you on your journey to the world of great people. It will ignite your passion for greatness and help you unleash your full potentials for greatness.

Health & Well-Being
February 16
Shemeji Melayeki