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In recent years it computing developed with great speed.According to scientist Gordon Earl Moore, the number oftransistors on a processor would double every 24 months orso. Transistors are the fundamental elements for a processor toperform calculations. Therefore, this prediction known asMoore's Law means that the processing power of a computerwould double every two years.Regularly see companies like Intel and AMD launch ever fasterprocessors. For this, it is necessary to manipulate portions ofthe increasingly smaller area. But there is a limit to this. Whentransistors are beginning to be made with only a few molecules,it is difficult to reduce its size further and thus increase thecapacity of our electronics.Therefore, quantum computing is the science that studies theuse of quantum mechanics to perform computational processing. Security would also benefit from systems using thesetechnologies. In a quantum system, simple observation alters theresults of a phenomenon. Imagine if sending a messagebetween two computers using a property of a set of particles.We could send along a security message. If this securitymessage arrives at your destination with a change means thatany observer (a cracker or a spy for example) had interceptedthe message before it reached its destination. This type ofstrategy is called Quantum Cryptography. Some banks inAustria already use this kind of technology for securetransmission of information.The Canadian company D-Wave says it has developed the firstquantum computer. This machine search speed processing whilekeeping the CPU at temperatures close to absolute zero. Butmany experts do not consider this device as a quantumcomputer not to use the phenomena of quantum physicsdirectly in the processing activity. Thus the performance of thismachine is not much higher than other super computersavailable in the market.Quantum Computing proved capable of providing the necessarymeans to expand our appliances calculation capacity further, butit is still an experimental technology. It will take a long time tothis type of technology to be produced in large scale and beavailable on our computers, tablets, and mobile phones.

Computing & Internet
November 26

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