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East-West talks that may help end the dangerous Cold War are set to begin soon.  This peace process will come to nothing if there is a violent crackdown on Polish dissidents who plan an uprising in Warsaw that will result in massive bloodshed.

Quiller is instructed by his secret unit within the British government to go to Warsaw in disguise, learn more about the forces at work and try to diffuse the situation.  A young novice with uncertain loyalties is assigned to travel with him. They arrive in Warsaw in the dead of winter. Quiller must walk a fine line between diplomacy and deception as he mingles with both the Polish rebel underground with their d-day for overthrowing the Russian-controlled government, and those in power, with their own secret plans to wipe out all those involved in the resistance.

The fourth novel in the series, all narrated by Quiller, called by The New York Times “the greatest survival expert among contemporary secret agents”.

“Adam Hall is an exemplary writer and one of the few in this genre to do his job with a poet's skill and fierce pride in the language.”

- The Hong Kong Times

Praise for the QUILLER Series:

“For fans and students of the genre, it's a must … pure adrenaline!”

- The Chicago Times

“Hall has been turning out Quiller novels, each one a winner, for years. Over the years, the character has grown in eccentricity, depth and appeal.” 

- The Chicago Tribune

“Hall has created a new form: the spy thriller that is all action and yet cerebral, a writing feat few can match … Hall delivers!”

- The Boston Globe


“Quiller is one of suspense literature's great secret agents!” 

- The Houston Chronicle


- The Los Angeles Times


“They don't get any tougher or more intelligent than the Quiller tales.” 

- The Rocky Mountain News


“Quiller is by now a primary reflex.” 

- Kirkus Reviews


“Tense, intelligent, harsh, surprising…” 

- The New York Times

(Quiller is) “the greatest survival expert among contemporary secret agents.” 

- The New York Times

“Stunningly well done, tense, elliptical, without a misplaced word.”

- The New York Republic

“Espionage at its best!”

- The London Times

“Breathless entertainment!”

- The Associated Press

“White-hot intensity.”

- The Washington Post

“… one gets the feeling that this is the way real espionage is conducted.”

- San Francisco Chronicle

“A brilliant and exciting ride into spydom.” 

- Chicago Daily News

Praise for ADAM HALL:

“Tension in a novel is difficult to maintain at a pitch that actually creates a physical impact on the reader. A few of the best writers can do it, and among them is Adam Hall.”

- London Times Literary Supplement

“Nobody writes espionage better than Adam Hall… Tense and suspenseful, at every moment.”

- The New York Times

“When it comes to espionage fiction, Adam Hall has no peer.”

- Eric Van Lustbader, author of “The Ninja”

“The unchallenged king of the spy story.”

- Buffalo News

“Adam Hall writes the most exciting, original and authentic espionage novels to be found on bookshelves today.”  

- The Banner

“Few writers handle action as excitingly as Hall…” 

- The Houston Chronicle

“A Master. One never doubts the reality of every page he writes.”

- The New York Times

“Hall is indeed a master of the contemporary espionage novel.”

- The Denver Post

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April 10
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