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Secrets, Tips and Tricks and Proven Strategies - all Included

Hello person/parents of those interested in improving their SAT scores dramatically. How are you? My name is Chirojeevi Nakesh, but you can call me Churro. I am a graduate of Cornell University with a master's degree in computer science and engineering. It's fair to say that the SAT is a passion of mine. When I first took it in high school in 2007, I got a perfect score of 2400, and every few years I would take it again just to see if I could get a perfect score. Each time I have taken it, I've aced it. 

It makes me sad every time I see really smart students do poorly on the SAT due to lack of preparation and taint their resumes that they are so eagerly sending off to colleges in hopes of getting into their dream schools. So when the College Board decided to make changes to the SAT (some say they've made it easier), it inspired me to write a book on how to score really high on the SAT, using my own experiences and knowledge as the main guidance tool. 

The most important thing, whether you want to improve your score or get a perfect score, requires the same thing: Practice. Taking the SAT itself is a skill, and like any other skill you wish to master, it requires you to practice, practice, practice.

However, in this book I layout a lot of the things you need to know, as well as my own tips and tricks, to make your practicing go a lot smoother and ultimately help you get an amazing score on one of the most important tests of your life.

March 30
Christian Mikkelsen

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