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DARKNESS EVERYWHERE... The Sixth World is a dangerous place, with deadly hazards lurking around every corner. Everywhere shadowrunners go, from the top of the world to the deepest, darkest Sprawl neighborhood, someone’s always looking to make their rep by taking you down. World of Shadows is the second anthology of original Shadowrun short stories, each one showcasing some of the most far-flung, treacherous locations around the world. From a scientific mission gone wrong in the snowy wilds of Russia to an AR nightclub in Morocco sheltering runners on the lam to a recovering runner drawn into a deadly web of intrigue in the darkest alleys of Hong Kong, these eighteen original short stories explore exotic settings far off the beaten path. Featuring stories by Michael A. Stackpole, Mel Odom, Jean Rabe, Aaron Rosenberg, Phaedra Weldon, Annie Bellet, Chris A. Jackson and many others, find out what happens when shadowrunners have to battle not only with ever-present threat of the corps and Mr. Johnson, but also the dangers of the very land they stand on. Featuring stories by: Michael A. Stackpole Jennifer Brozek Chris A. Jackson Annie Bellet Stephen Dedman Russell Zimmerman Maxwell Alexander Drake Steven S. Long Phaedra Weldon Aaron Rosenberg Thomas Gofton Patrick Goodman Jean Rabe Dylan Birtolo Jason M. Hardy Malik Toms R.L. King Mel Odom 

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April 6
Catalyst Game Labs

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