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Do you struggle to enjoy reading?  Do you find yourself unable to successfully retain information when reading?  Are you currently in graduate or law school and need to improve your reading and critical thinking skills?  Look no further!  This book and its step-by-step instruction can teach you how to increase the speed of your reading, retain more information while reading and improve your memory skills.  If you are struggling with reading or you are feeling the need to drastically improve your reading skills for the benefit of your education than this book can help you!

Many people view reading as tedious, boring or overwhelming.  This problem stems from not retaining the interesting content, finding their own reading speed too slow and cumbersome or simply unable to critically analyze the information as ideally as they’d like.

Others feel the need to improve their reading skills because of the overwhelming amount of information they need to cover and critically analyze for university courses or maybe even their job.  The work load is overwhelming, there is difficult information to take in and the time limit is pressing.  If you are experiencing these issues then this book will be a great took for you!

For both of these main issues, as well as many more, this book can solve the problem and help you in your reading, memory retention and critical analyzing.  This book will provide you with:

-Information on speed reading

-Step-by-step instruction on different speed reading techniques

-8 speed reading hacks and how to apply them

-Tips and tricks to help you understand speed reading

-Information on how to improve your memory and critical analyzing skills. 

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February 3
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