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This erotic short story features monster/tentacle sex, anal play, and group sex. It is intended for adults only.


I gasped as it thrusted into me, instinctively angling my hips so the monster could easily slip in and out. A thick, white cream coated its tentacle as it continued to penetrate me, and I licked my lips at the sight of it. The combined pleasure of my teased nipples, clit, and opening were enough to once again send me into the ecstatic pleasure of an orgasm. It left me breathless and wanting more—of this monster.

It released my body from its tentacles and sat backward, revealing a hard, throbbing cock in the center of its body. It was bigger than anything I’d ever seen, and I wondered if it’d even fit in me. But I wanted it. I had to taste it, to have it inside me. I sat up and gripped the appendage between my hand. It was coated in a slimy substance that made it slick between my palm. I pushed up and down, loving the way the monster growled at my touch. I leaned forward and licked the tip. The slim was salty and thick.

“You want that?” I asked, licking my tongue up and down the long shaft. “You want more?”

In a quick motion, I shoved its cock into my mouth, gagging as it pushed against the back of my throat. I couldn’t fit it all inside, so I squeezed in as much as I could, rubbing my palm up and down the part that was left out. The monster groaned again as I took him in and out, in and out.

After only seconds of sucking its cock, it shot its thick, salty load into my mouth, coating my throat. I struggled to swallow it all, and some still dripped down the corners of my mouth. I stuck my tongue out and licked up the lines of dribble. Its cock shrank slightly but still kept its erect form. I reached for it, but the monster pushed me down with a long, thick tentacle.

Fiction & Literature
January 31
Taylor Gray

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