Taken By The Demon Lord (Forced and Taken Vol 1‪)‬

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Publisher Description

Susan accidentally frees the Demon Lord Geldarath

He processes her and wants to breed her to obtain a new body

Using mind control, he can control her body. Susan doesn't want to be bred but she doesn't have a choice.

Geldarath's enemies want to torture him and kill him, which means killing Susan to get him.He has to keep Susan alive long enough to breed her.

The only thing she has to fight with is her wit and her sarcasm. She drives him to distraction.

All this happens within a 9500+ word story.

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This explicit adult tale contains: Mind control, a shootout at a biker bar, killer monsters, a dragon, a cool headed demon,and a feisty woman.

“The bonding has reached a stage where I can command your body.” Geldarath said, sounding smug. “Since you will not cooperate, I will have to take matters into my own hands.”
“This whole thing is a nightmare! Wait, where are you going?”
“I told you.” He said. “I seek to get this body pregnant.”
Susan locked the apartment door and got into the car.
“Where are you going?” She asked, powerless to stop her body from backing out of her parking place and pulling out into traffic. Geldarath headed toward the bad section of town.
“There is a bar down the street a few miles. I saw it in your mind. I believe it is called Red's. I hope to find suitable males there to breed us. You.”
“Wait! Red’s is a biker bar. They are not the nice kind of bikers, either. The bar tender has armor plate behind the bar. You’ll get us raped or killed.”
“Susan. They cannot rape us if our purpose is to have sex.” Geldarath chuckled.
“That makes it consensual.”
“But it’s not consensual!” She screamed. “I don’t want to have some smelly biker pawing me.”
“I am reminded of the old human saying.” Geldarath said. “The one about your lips may say no, but your body says yes.”
“That’s because you have control of my body.” She said. “If I had control I would not be here.”
“Look.” Susan said, realizing she could not deter him. “If this has to happen, there is a sperm bank downtown. It would be quick and easy. No fuss.”
“Please!” He said. “I am the Lord of Lust. Would you have me disgraced upon the Demon plane?”
“Sure.” She said. “I could live with your disgrace quite easily.”
“This is actually for your own good.”
“Yeah, right!” She snorted. “You’re going to get me raped and impregnated for my own good.”
Susan’s body stopped short of the bar and stepped into the shadows.
“Susan, I have been trapped a long time in that book. When you released me it sent up a signal that will eventually reach the Demon plane.”
“So?” She said. “They will know you are out.”
“I have many enemies that will be pleased to see me in your body. I have but a fraction of my true strength. They will come to kill me while I am weak and you will be collateral damage.”
“How will having a baby help you?” She asked. Was there really a reason, beyond demonic torment?
“I will genetically enhance the child.” He said. “He will be a weaker version of the real me, but strong enough to deter most of my enemies.”
“You’re telling me my life depends on letting you get me pregnant. What a choice.”

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
16 June
Ken Rander

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