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An indispensable guide to the craft of writing and business of publishing from the bestselling author of the Chocolat, Gentlemen & Players series. 

     Joanne Harris has been advising and corresponding with aspirational writers for over six years. This collection of pithy and funny lists of advice provides both hard-won wisdom and insider industry help. All aspects of the writing process and story development are covered – as is the thorny issue of how and where to find readers. From Workspaces and Habits to Plot and Dialogue, these are motivating, problem-solving lists from an experienced and widely respected writer.

     Uniquely, Ten Things About Writing also takes the reader beyond the stage of finished manuscripts and editorial changes – into the territories of rights, publicity and marketing. Whether you have the urge to write crime fiction or a fantasy novel, literary short stories or blockbuster thrillers Joanne’s lists will speak to you.

‘Joanne is not only master of her craft but has the rare gift of being able to explain that craft and offer peerless advice in the clearest, no-nonsense, practical and entertaining of ways.’ Matt Haig

‘Joanne Harris’s Ten Tweets have been tiny islands of sensibleness and wisdom. […] I’m delighted they are going to be collected in one place.’ Neil Gaiman

‘Joanne Harris’s Ten Tweets are a constant source of pleasure, equally welcome to writers and readers. […] Frankly, they are marvels in miniature.’ Ian Rankin

‘[Joanne’s] pithy, often very funny advice demystifies writing and the publishing industry for new and aspiring writers.’ Cressida Cowell

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5 September
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