The 40th Anniversary Edition

Forty Years of the UTS Writers' Anthology

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Welcome to this special anniversary edition of the UTS Writers’ Anthology, showcasing writers from four decades of its prestigious Creative Writing program, one of the oldest in Australia. Introduced by Miles Franklin Award winner, Melissa Lucashenko, this treasury of prose, poetry, scripts and non-fiction affords glimpses of the shifting social and political landscape, and evolving literary trends.

Since its first edition, Pink Cakes (1982), the Anthology has fostered some of Australia’s finest new writing.  This collection features some of the earliest work of its best-loved writers and emerging voices—Beth Yahp, Alison Whittaker, Toby Fitch, Gillian Mears, MTC Cronin, sydney khoo, Verity Borthwick and Sam Twyford-Moore among many shining stars."


Pink Cakes by Patti Miller

Sepulcar by David Astle

Sermon On The Mount by Damien Lovelock

The Goblin Tale by Beth Yahp

The Suicide Scrapbook by Kerry Bashford

The Doppler Effect by Bernard Cohen

Pen by Uncle Norm Newlin

Loose White Tee Shirts by Chris Jones

Witch Renaissance by Karen Attard

A Drover’s Wife by Gillian Coote

fuzzy-felt Tuesdays by David Snell

Everlasting Love by Rachel Ward

The Stroke by Jo Truman

Midnight Shift by Gillian Mears

Solely Interior by MTC Cronin

A Little Night Music by Sally Zwartz

The Garment by Karen Weiss

Where are You Going to Go? by Debbie Lim

In the Evening by Jessica White

Two People by Kay Nankervis

post by Toby Fitch

The Camperdown Cemetery Family Album by Natalie Kershaw

Blue-grey by Nicky Shortridge 

Coldgoods by Aden Rolfe

Flying under Water by Eliza Compton

Looking into a Beech Wood Shack by Zahid Gamieldien

The Song of the Many  by Mark Rossiter

Phimosis: a Love Story (for Frank Moorhouse) by Sam Twyford-Moore

The Seal by Erica Harrison

Emerald Cities by Pat Skinner

It’s About You by Conrad Walters

Uno by J.S. Woerner

As Green as Blue by Isabelle Li

Zugunruhe by Zoe Adler Bishop

Things That Remind Me of You by Rebecca Slater

Playing Copenhagen (after Michael Frayn)  by Eleanor Campbell

Birden by Emily Brugman

Happy Days by Alison Gibbs

Alberto by Adam Jeffrey

Mutton by Tom Lodewyke

In Spring by Emma Froggatt

The Incident by Lily Mei Murray

Two Curled Backs Two Bookends by Alison Whittaker

Buhay Pilipinas by Joseph Schwarzkopf

I’m (Not) Lovin’ It by sydney khoo

Ways to Exist in Fields out of Reach by Chloe Michele

Coastline Dreaming by Judi Morison

The Darkness Drops by Verity Borthwick

Vino Accidento by Harry Webber

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12 February
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