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The Americanization of Edward Bok

Bok Edward William, a Dutch born American editor and Pulitzer Prize (1863-1930)

This ebook presents «The Americanization of Edward Bok», from Bok Edward William. A dynamic table of contents enables to jump directly to the chapter selected.

Table of Contents

- About This Book

- Dedication

- An Explanation

- An Introduction Of Two Persons

- The First Days In America

- The First Job Fifty Cents A Week

- The Hunger For Self Education

- A Presidential Friend And A Boston Pilgrimage

- Going To The Theatre With Longfellow

- Phillips Brooks's Books And Emerson's Mental Mist

- A Plunge Into Wall Street

- Starting A Newspaper Syndicate

- Association With Henry Ward Beecher

- The First Woman's Page Literary Leavesand Entering Scribner's

- The Chances For Success

- Baptism Under Fire

- Publishing Incidents And Anecdotes

- Last Years In New York

- Successful Editorship

- First Years As A Woman's Editor

- Eugene Field's Practical Jokes

- Building Up A Magazine

- Personality Letters

- Meeting A Reverse Or Two

- A Signal Piece Of Constructive Work

- An Adventure In Civic And Private Art

- Theodore Roosevelt's Influence

- Theodore Roosevelt's Anonymous Editorial Work

- The President And The Boy

- The Literary Back Stairs

- Women's Clubs And Woman Suffrage

- Going Home With Kipling, And As A Lecturer

- An Excursion Into The Feminine Nature

- Cleaning Up The Patent-medicine And Other Evils

- Adventures In Civics

- A Bewildered Bok

- How Millions Of People Are Reached

- A War Magazine And War Activities

- At The Battle Fronts In The Great War

- The End Of Thirty Years' Editorship

- The Third Period

- Where America Fell Short With Me

- What I Owe To America

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