The Comprehensive Beginners Running Guide: A Total Running Plan For Long Term Growth and Success

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The Comprehensive Beginners Running Guide offers a plethora of information for those who have never run before and those who are just starting. This book addresses everything from correct technique and footwear to training schedules, nutrition strategies, and how to prepare for a 5K. In addition to this, there is advice on how to maintain motivation and how to prevent and treat running injuries. These are the techniques that Joseph utilized when instructing his friends and relatives on how to run inspired, and you will find that using them is beneficial to you as well.

Joseph's language is approachable, unpretentious, and simple to follow. Moreover, he never seems to pass judgment on his readers. The Comprehensive Beginners Jogging Guide is the ideal place to begin if you have ever entertained the notion of taking up running, even if you have never actually given it a shot.

When I was twenty-one years old, I started my jjourney as a runner. From personal experience, I realize that the most
challenging part of starting a running program is actually to start. Obviously, each one of us will have a
unique set of factors that may prevent us from getting started. However, it is essential to know that
approximately 50 million people are runners in the United States. Each of them started just where you are
now, but they decided to take the first step. As you will read in this book, there are many benefits to starting a running program, and I hope you, too, will embark on this new journey.

When I first started, I did not have any goal projection of how many miles I wanted to run. I proceeded in small steps, and my initial goal was to run a 5K. This is a reasonable distance for a beginner to like to attain, and this length can be achieved in about two months of training. It took me about four months of training to be able to run a 5K due to a few minor
injuries I experienced. Once I achieved a 5K, I became persistent in wanting to go further and then trained to
run a 10K. I was able to complete a 10-kilometer run after training for six months. I did not stop there, and my achievements became infectious and trained and then achieved a 15K run one month later.

In 1992, for the first time, I entered the New York City Marathon. It was exhilarating to see the 3 million
spectators cheering us on, inspiring us to reach the finish line. Since that year, I have entered the event fifteen times.

Since running is so deeply rooted in our history as a species, practically anyone of any age can begin running and achieve their desired health and fitness levels. Meeting new people is another fantastic benefit of running. In addition, there are a slew of intriguing advantages to running, including the following:

• Helps increase your energy levels
• Helps improve your mood
• Helps you have a better night's sleep
• Gives you more self-assurance and stamina
• Helps prevent health problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, and anxiety
On your journey as a runner, this book will act as a guide and aid you along the way. You'll find the following topics in this book:

• Advice on how to lay the groundwork for running
• A variety of running programs designed for novices
• Pointers on how to improve your running form to go farther and more quickly while minimizing the risk of injury

Running is beneficial on many levels for people of all ages and levels of physical fitness. I hope my experience will give you the necessary push to get you started on a new and healthy way of living. Take things slowly, have self-compassion and persistence, and keep in mind that there is nothing that can prevent you from accomplishing the goals you have set for yourself.

Health & Well-Being
29 August
Joseph Giordano

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