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Ten years since it was first published in hardback, and now for the first time as an eBook, this volume of short stories by the cream of British crime writing talent celebrates 75 years of the quintessential Detection Club.

The Detection Club represents the cream of British crime writing talent. Founded on the cusp of the 1930s, the Club’s first President was G.K. Chesterton, and since then the mantle of Presidency has passed to some of the most significant names inthe history of crime fiction, including Agatha Christie, Dorothy L. Sayers and Julian Symons. The Club meets three times a year – to dine, to plot, and to exchange ideas.

This anthology includes eleven new stories by the Best of British: Robert Barnard, Lyndsey Davis, Colin Dexter, Clare Francis, Robert Goddard, John Harvey, Reginald Hill, P.D. James, H.R.F. Keating, Michael Ridpath and Margaret Yorke, and has been edited by the Club’s President, Simon Brett. Among the authors are a number of bestsellers, as well as winners of both Diamond and Gold Daggers.

This outstanding collection is a must for crime lovers everywhere.

P.D. James • The Part-Time Job
Michael Ridpath • Partnership Track
H.R.F. Keating • A Toothbrush
John Harvey • The Sun, the Moon and the Stars
Lindsey Davis • ‘Going Anywhere Nice?’
Colin Dexter • Between the Lines
Robert Barnard • The Life-lie
Margaret Yorke • The Woman from Marlow
Robert Goddard • Toupee for a Bald Tyre
Clare Francis • The Holiday
Reginald Hill • Fool of Myself


Reviews for previous Detection Club re-issues:

‘A must for all connoisseurs of detective fiction.’ Literary Review

‘This year’s most welcome reissue.’ Sunday Telegraph

‘A book of irresistible charm for students of the detective story.’ Times Literary Supplement

About the author

“The Detection Club is a private association of writers of detective fiction in Great Britain, existing chiefly for the purpose of eating dinners together at suitable intervals and of talking illimitable shop … Its membership is confined to those who have written genuine detective stories (not adventure tales or ‘thrillers’) and election is secured by a vote of the club on recommendation by two or more members, and involves the undertaking of an oath.” Dorothy L. Sayers

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20 November

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