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Many people fear the future, but renowned futurologist Adjiedj Bakas and journalist Minne Buwalda believe that we are on the brink of an inspiring new age.
The economic and political world-order is changing fast. Capitalism is in the process of renewal after the recent economic crisis. Emerging countries such as China and India are taking over as Europe and Russia retreat. The climate is changing under the influence of humanity's onslaught on the environment. These economic, political and environmental shifts will bring with them seismic changes for the individuals and communities of the world. The Future of Faith examines how these fundamental changes will reshape the ethics, morality, religion and spirituality that underpin our lives.
It is clear that the future will not be fair to everybody, but neither was the past. And in this new century we will be able to organize and optimize our own happiness in ways we once couldn't begin to imagine.

The world is facing dramatic changes that signal the end of the old era and the dawn of a new one. Economics, the environment, our energy supplies, access to food and water are all in question and in this transition period our faith, ethics, religion and spirituality will become more important than ever. Many fear the transition we are undergoing. But renowned futurologist Adjiedj Bakas and journalist Minne Buwalda show us in The Future of Faith, that we now have the potential to reinvent ourselves and our world, and to renew our spiritual base. They show us how we can utilize technology, knowledge systems, and social networks to seize the change and create ever more fulfilling spiritual lives.
The Future of Faith reveals seven major developments which will influence the religious and spiritual lives of us all. Bakas and Buwalda show how, by understanding these changes, businesses and individuals can look forward to a brighter future.

This book is part of a series of trend books by Adjiedj Bakas.
Previous titles include: World Megatrends, Beyond the Crisis, Living without Oil and The Future of Love. These books are used at universities, among government officials and within most industries.

Anybody making plans for the future had better take note.'
Eric Einhorn, Chief Strategy Officer McCann World Group

'Adjiedj Bakas is a thoughtful futurologist whose ideas are most important.'
Robin Sharma, bestselling author of The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

'This is not a book for drifters: the authors know where they are going.'
Ben Verwaayen, CEO Alcatel-Lucent and former CEO of BT

'An eye opener. A book written by men with a sharp vision.'
Frits Bolkestein, former European Commissioner

'This book is a rich mosaic about religion in the new world order.'
Ruud Lubbers, former United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and former prime minister of The Netherlands

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January 11
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