The Morning Star The Morning Star

The Morning Star

Reaching out to the Master of the Universe "The True King"

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There might be instances where your light might suffer a surge in intensity, at times difficult to manage, and might tend to precipitate you into taking actions, again, the damage starts with the invisible entities functioning within that medium, or around your nucleus, meaning your encounters, interactions, motivated actions, and the word that is being spoken either by you or someone else around and in your light. Surely it will take effect upon a time, and some people might not react the same way while receiving an impulse, and their predisposition of what is being spoken is another factor.

Acknowledging that there is no business without transfer, and the light is intended to conduct; starting with what your eyes are visualizing from waking up and the interpretation that is being given by you and your brain; we don’t see the same object the same way on an everyday basis; because we do have senses and other spirits interacting around us.

Praying, sanctifying, meditating, and also selecting what best fits us, can be helpful; by doing so, you are basically helping yourself. Use patience before reacting, because that guy looking like an enemy can be turned into acceptable ally, not necessarily a friend; because we don’t change overnight; there is a world traveling with us; your habit will tell you where you are connected and how you are connected; there are challenges around the light, however; it can be very gratifying for some. This is a book of awareness; more than blessings; however from time to time you might be able to make it rain. The Light of the Master is shining on you; how do you respond to it.

Wisner Joseph Philemy, MD; following the instinct and the blessings and the momentum, remaining faithful, and appreciating love and compassion whenever either of them is manifested. I know He loves me, otherwise, it would have been impossible to accomplish this task and service.
“Maintain your good nature and be a positive agent”

Religion & Spirituality
21 August