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While out dancing at a hot nightclub, a huge, muscled man approaches Jack. When he asks Jack to dance, he accepts, not knowing how great his night is going to be. When the man asks Jack to follow him to the bathroom, Jack knows he’ll never know more pleasure. After their erotic encounter, Jack realizes that the man has a wolfish secret…


Jack has another erotic adventure with the sexy man-wolf of his life, Soren! Soren comes home one night, telling Jack to follow him into the woods to meet the family. Jack is pleased to find out that a steamy circle of men await! All bets are off as they all dance and work themselves into a lustful frenzy...


Sexy fresh meat comes to Jack and Soren's sex cabin! Clint is Jack's old friend from high school and Jack has always had the hots for him. The two werewolves will have to try their hardest to seduce this supposed straight man and bring him over to the dark side... a hot and heavy encounter ensues!


Excerpt from Howl of the Night Pack:

The woods opened up into a dark clearing, with people dancing in front of a bonfire. The drumming was at a constant beat and the men dancing were lost in it. None took notice of Jack and Soren approaching. When they were a little closer, Jack's heart raced at what he saw: none of the men were dressed in anything other than their small briefs and their chests were oiled and glistening. Jack immediately smiled. Soren would give him a treat tonight!

The music picked up from a stereo off to the side of the fire and the men started to dance more wildly. Soren quickly started to take off his shirt and pants and urged Jack to do the same. Jack was a little nervous — he wasn't nearly as well-muscled or tall as any of the men here — but with Soren's patient coaxing he overcame his worries. They both stripped down to their underwear and joined the bonfire dance.

Immediately Jack was overwhelmed by the heat of the fire and the heat of the men. Clubs were hot and sweaty, but this was different. This was primal. Soon, he was carried away by the music, dancing crazily in the night. Eventually, he lost track of Soren, but was pleased to see that one of the men in the circle was black and bald, exotic and sexy. He couldn't believe how this man looked, as if carved from ebony itself — he had always wanted to try chocolate! With every pounding thump of the bass he moved closer to the black man, who seemed to notice Jack and beckon him over. Soon Jack was next to him, dancing up and down his chiseled chest, getting the hot oil all over his own body. He smelled like cinnamon and spices and Jack wanted to lick him all over. The man pumped his long, dark body up against his and Jack snaked a hand down the man's side, feeling every ripple of tight muscle, sliding down a rock hard thigh, grazing a hand lightly over the enormous bulge in his pants...

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May 3
Dana Brown

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