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12 stone balloons landed on an island and the only people that live on the island are village people, and the village people have two chiefs and there names are Mansoo and Yaris. Mansoo is the more strict of the two as Yaris is more laid back they both have their own people and live a few miles from each other but they are there when either village need help and between them they try and find a way in getting rid of the stone balloons, so they were not happy when the army came the two chiefs thought they came to cause trouble, but unknown to them the army only came to try and get rid of the stone balloons and the real name for the balloons were cybers. And Joseph Bain in his younger years in collage made shapes to go into space and he made so many different shapes thinking that they all wont make it, but they did so now some of the shapes that Joseph Bain made were coming back to earth, first of all it was the starlights now the cybers, but he only made one of each shape, but more of one shape came back to earth and on this island there is a volcano which has been quiet for over 200 years, and now thats is threatening to go up as well, but it wont be the village people that get rid of the cybers nor the army, it was something else, nature she had her revenge in the end.

Fiction & Literature
August 10
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