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The quest for power is often fatal …

Nath Dragon and Brenwar the dwarf are dispatched by Bayzog the part-elf wizard to track down a brood of lizardmen that have stolen one of the all-powerful Thunderstones. Armed with skill and wit, magic swords and warhammers, the dynamic pair find themselves in a battle for their very lives in the deep forests of Nalzambor where they encounter an ancient destructive evil they never would have anticipated. It will take more than brawn, skill and magic weaponry to survive the monster that attacks from the shadows and petrifies their bones.
The Quest for the Thunderstone is an epic fantasy/sword and sorcery short story, that serves as an introduction to two vast series of #1 international bestselling books called, The Chronicles of Dragon (10 book series) and The Tail of the Dragon (10 book series), both of which are full and complete. These books are filled with everything that a reader would expect from dungeons and dragons fantasy such as Lord of the Rings, the Icewind Dale Trilogy, the World of Greyhawk, Dragon Lance, and Narnia.
In addition to countless kinds of dragons with special powers, master storyteller, Craig Halloran, has a plethora of involvement from races of all kinds, such as elves, halflings, gnomes, goblins, orcs, gnolls, bugbears, ogres, pixies, fairies and titans, bringing in each with a unique personality all of their own. So, give Nath Dragon and the Quest for the Thunderstone a try that is a doorway to the tremendous magical world of Nalzambor.
Note: These books are appropriate for fantasy lovers of all ages, recommended for ages 12 through infinity!

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
September 27
Craig Halloran

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