The Ravenous

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Centuries of warfare had barely encroached upon Glamorgans boundaries and any who dared its conquest met with bold resistance. Warriors lurking in the mountains of Wales invited all unwary trespassers to come and taste of death. Such was the case in 1316, when Edward II attempted to resurrect a United Kingdom after the execution of William Wallace.As Edward and his Nobles would all too soon discover, the rage that English garrisons uncovered across the valleys of Wales would prove to rival any fury of the Scots. A Magnificent Re-emergence of English Literature For the 21st CenturyW. B. Baker has done more through his writing to promote Wales around the world than anyone in recent memory. Stunning imagery and the ability to convey the warmth of Welsh culture combine with historical accuracy to bring Wales its finest champion since Dylan Thomas. BBC Hall of Fame Southwest WalesThe British People at Their Finest and Most MagnificentShamelessly brutal in his examination of the human heart, W. B. Baker presents Britain a stunning masterpiece of fiction. The Ravenous is Bakers tour de force; the author using his considerable command of the English language to weave a majestic tale of valour and faith. Tottenham Court Road London, EnglandA disturbing indictment of human frailty ... An even more glorius assertion of mans innate nobilityCouched inconspicuously within this modern epic of Wales lie affirmations of the true majesty of humankind Within this moving tale, valiant men and women emerge from the mire of war to exemplify the inextinguishable courage of this nation we call home. Pwllypant Caerphilly, Wales REVIEWS FROM AROUND THE WORLD David McAlister in Kansas City, MissouriI feel that Dr. Baker is not only a very gifted author, he is also one of the most interesting and compassionate individuals it has been my good fortune to call friend.Mitchell in New York, New York Great to see people talking about this author!I agree - The Ravenous - is probably Bakers strongest work so far. In-depth historical research into Edward II and a compelling storyline. GREAT BATTLE SCENES and some of the best poetry Ive come across in years.Gillian in Edinburgh, Scotland WHSmith now offers THE RAVENOUS and several of his other books! I couldnt find them at several bookstores, but they are all available on the internet. REALLY Brilliant writing!A touching account (The Ravenous) of a father and daughter trying to come to deal with war and its effect on their lives. Extremely well researched.Some of the best British storytelling out there!Geoffrey Crawley from London, England An extremely competent writer who has combined engrossing historical fiction with, undoubtedly, the finest iambic pentametre verse England has seen in the last hundred years.In The Ravenous, Baker uses the character of the Welsh poet to give us compelling moral principles such as:My Lord, the simplest truth may miss mans groansWhen he, in conquest of mere piece of land,Forgets he fights above his fathers bones,And only briefly in the sun may stand.Despite the gains of life, his finite handMay only once caress the timeless stone,That stands forever, top the Dark Unknown.andFor justice is a hot, two-edged sword.Whose haft may glow as brightly as its blade. To wield

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25 September
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