The Witches' Brew The Witches' Brew

The Witches' Brew

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    • 4,99 €

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Albanderry's Lords and their mascots have been protected since time immemorial by the magic spell of Grandmage Mentharch, a great wizard — but now a witch’s curse is eroding his mind! Only a dose of the witches’ own brew can save him, and Lord Benefice has less than a month to barter for it…from the witches themselves.

“A completed fantasy” — Tim Underwood.

Dan Temianka is a man who loves words, that much can be said: ordinary words, forgotten words, invented words, these all add up to the colorful magnificence of language. Point proven: Dan is known as the author and editor of The Jack Vance Lexicon: from Abiloid to Zygage, wherein he compiles, references and explores all the neologisms that, like dust-motes caught in a sun-beam, sparkle in the works of that late Grandmaster of SF & Fantasy, famed for his linguistic inventiveness in the tradition of the Bard himself.

But Dan Temianka also has a way with words, as witnessed by The Witches’ Brew, a whimsical phantasmagorical tale wherein the age-old uneasy coexistence of wizards and witches of the Realm is upset, and Lord Gracewright Cantilouve Benefice, assisted by his faithful mascot Flick, must save the day…or face utter catastrophe! As the author suggests in his introduction to this first edition of The Witches’ Brew, this novel is not for the faint of heart or those who prefer their fantasy light and breezy. But those readers who enjoy chewing on words, and savoring the colors and richness of prose, will be in for a serious treat!

Credits: the incredible cover art and b/w interior illustrations are by the inimitable Tom Kidd. The map of The Realm was created by Andrew Kim.

    Sci-Fi & Fantasy
    17 September

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