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ME AND MY HUSBAND TORMENT THE HOOKER (The Hot Wife’s Threesome Fantasy Fulfilled)
An FFM Ménage a Trois Erotica Story with Very Rough First Anal Sex

When my husband and I discovered that the thought of a threesome where both of us would be rough with the other girl really, really turned us on; I couldn’t wait to make it happen. Life got in the way, though. Finally, an opportunity presented itself and a lovely call girl soon arrived at our door. She’d been warned about how rough we wanted to be and she told us we could do whatever we wanted. When it came time to give her a rough first anal sex experience, though, I was sure she’d back out! She didn’t but I bet she wished she had! The whole threesome was intent with really rough sex, my first lesbian sex, and more!

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Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity and includes reluctant sex, rough sex, reluctant group sex, rough double tem sex, reluctant first anal sex, double penetration, and more. Only mature adults who won’t find that offensive should read this collection.

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2. BACKPACKING BABE BANGED (Rough First Anal Sex at an Orgy with Strangers)

During the summer before I went to college, I decided on an adventure and hitchhiked my way back and forth across the United States. It was on a highway in Iowa where Alex picked me up, and I was more than ready to have some fun with him. When he suggested we go to a party, I agreed. I had no idea the party was an all-out orgy. Before long, I was tangled up with everyone and taking on multiple people at the same time—both men and women. That wasn’t it, though. Right in the middle of it all, Alex decided to bend me over and give me my first anal sex experience, and boy was it rough!

3. MY BEST FRIEND WANTS A THREESOME WITH ME! (A Curvy Girl Ménage for her Husband’s Birthday)

I’d never really understood why Carolyn always called me beautiful, but through the years, she was the one who made me feel like my weight wasn’t an impediment but that I should get out there and have some fun. I cherished her friendship, and even though it always felt wonderful to be with her, I never really thought she was sincere when she’d say I was beautiful. Boy did I learn how sincere she was! She want me—me!—for a threesome with her hot husband Liam, and even though it was his birthday, let me tell you something…it was him that became my present!

4. TAKEN BY THE COWBOY AND THE COWGIRL (And Boy Did They Ride This Little Filly!)

Imagine stepping into your living room after a shower, wrapped only in a towel, to find your roommate (one you’ve known for less than an hour) bent over with a giant of a cowboy screwing her. That’s exactly what happened, and I was in utter shock. She didn’t mind me catching them. In fact, the little cowgirl got me to join in! I was always kind of antisocial, so I have no idea why I did it but before long this cowgirl and her cowboy were both taking me. I had my first lesbian sex ever, and that was pretty scary but that wasn’t it! Far scarier was when the cowboy bent me over and I had my first anal sex!


It all happened so completely unexpectedly. My best friend and I walked into the upstairs room to try on some new outfits and we found Charlie was there. We’d just showered after skinny dipping, and we thought all of my brother’s friends had left the cabin so we’d walked into the room naked. I never could have predicted Theresa’s reaction…she kissed me! Before I knew it, I was having my first lesbian experience with my best friend and we were both having sex with a boy I barely knew! I wouldn’t have ever thought I’d have a threesome, and I never thought I’d have lesbian sex with my best friend!

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March 20
Naughty Daydreams Press

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