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Sal Rachele and his spirit guides, the Founders, take you on a wondrous journey into the future of our beloved planet. This is the future you have always dreamed of, and now it is coming to fruition, finally, after millions of years of ignorance, darkness, and suffering. This book will show you tangible, practical ways of manifesting the new Golden Age that has been promised you since time began. This New Earth is destined to be a part of your lifetime, this lifetime, here and now.

“You, dear humans, are embarking upon the most exciting adventure possible. You are alive at exactly the right time, in exactly the right place in the Infinite Creation. It is okay if you do not believe this, for within a few short years, almost everything given within these pages will become part of the tangible reality of your lives.”

— The Founders, June 2011

“In preparation for the next few years, or to realize what is happening as you read, Sal’s interpretations of what was and therefore what must be are amazing. Channeling the Founders, Sal can express the thoughts and understand the astute impressions about our planet by these beings. This is not a book to tell your fortune. This is a book that explains our existence.”

— L.G., Sedona, AZ, USA

“Your service is first-class and you are the best of the best in your work through true and valid channeling from your wonderful, energizing spirit guides!”

— M.M.L., Cambridge, U.K.

Health & Well-Being
3 January
Light Technology Publishing

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