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Pacifism is a rapidly growing weakness in the Body of Christ today. Hardly anything pleases Satan more! Pacifism systematically weakens the church, culling believers out of the world early, and reducing the number of Christians on earth. Today's churches often have women teaching men and it's not the women's fault. It's because men are no longer leaders. Men are no longer Godly. Men no longer read Scripture.

Men no longer do the job that God ordained them to do.

Nowhere is that lack of leadership more insidious than when a weak, pacifist, Christian male says he will step in front of his wife if a rapist and murderer ever tries to attack her and instead of mounting a physical defense, he will quote Bible verses.

Have You Considered the Following Ever? You Should!
• How do you react when asked at gun-point if you're a believer? Is it time to be a martyr? (No. What you should do will make any weak, Christian males today soil their junior-sized pants.) The response of a Godly woman to that would be, "I'd rather be defended than second in line to a murder."
• A Godly man stops violence. An unGodly pacifist prolongs it.
• A Godly man protects his little baby from physical harm. An unGodly pacifist would never lift a finger because it's much easier and safer to be pious than to be a father and risk injury.
• A Godly man knows that self-defense is not violence but it might have to be violent. An unGodly pacifist is never happier than when Bible verses are quoted while the innocent are maimed.

Does "turn the other cheek" mean what the pacifist (and many Pastors today) say it means? Does it mean we are not to lift a finger to stop the innocent from being harmed? What does God really say about self-defense? What did God have to say to Jesus' disciples who were packing weapons? (Go get a few more.)

Sitting in a nice church building all fat and happy makes it easy to sit back and adopt a touchy-feely, girly, phony Biblical pacifist worldview. God has other things to say.

There is a spiritual battle going on all around us both in the Heavenlies and on earth. The entire Bible is a battle manual.

And not just the Old Testament. Much to the amazement of today's "Christian" males, God didn't get a lobotomy between the two Testaments. In His character, He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Pacifists hate that attribute about Him. But pacifists hate lots of attributes of God and they despise much of the Bible. They prefer to adopt only the nice and easy verses and only God's safe attributes.

Here you get told the Truth. And it's easy because it's all in that big book called The Bible over on your shelf gathering dust.

Being a pacifist is at least a sin and at most murder. Because if you stand idly by while an innocent member of your family is murdered, you are an accomplice.

Many pacifists do spank their children. This is one of those uniquely crazy characteristic of which they have many. They believe it is perfectly fine to use force to correct a 2-year-old child but never to correct an unprovoked, brutal attacker who intends to rape and murder their wives, their children, and then them.

Sin has all kinds of excuses and churches who don't want to act in a just war has the sin of pride because they see themselves as above going to war.

The answers you need to become a real and Godly man once again are here. (If you have enough hair on your chest to read it.)

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January 16
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