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How to stop emotions such as anger, fear, loneliness, jealousy, envy, hatred or stress getting into control of the energy you are and stealing it away from you. Powerful emotions such as anger and fear can get into control of the energy you are and steal it away from you by getting you to react to situations in ways that guarantee they take over the management of your energy. All consuming anger can change you from a usually placid person into someone you hardly recognise, as experienced by those who, after coming under the influence of road rage, feel remorse and shame once their anger subsides and can't believe they acted the way they did while road rage was controlling their energy. Jess's advice: when a powerful emotion such as anger strikes immediately recognise what's going on, take a step back and think hard about whether you want to go down this potentially damaging road or stay in control of your energy so that you stop anger from hurting you and others. Fear works on differing levels, some where you become totally terrified and some that work quietly away on deeper levels within you in the form of stress. The system we live under likes to wrap fear up in clever words such as: apprehension, concern, nervousness, self-doubt, worry, etc., but behind each of these words lies fear, so all of them are your enemies because they create the stress that damages you within. Your fears never help you, they only bring you down and once you learn how to master your fears, remove your energy from them and leave them behind you can change your life massively for the better. In this second Energy Thieves book, on Emotions, which is the first half of the full book, Jess takes you further down the road to understanding how to manage and guard your great gift of energy, bringing you unique perspectives to help you manage your energy in better ways so you can find your way through the daily minefield of Energy Thieves we all face.

Health & Well-Being
March 26
Jess Miller

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