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Maureen had decided to explore the world of internet dating in order to find someone to love and to love her in return. It was not an unrealistic expectation and many people had used this route successfully. This time, this young and inexperienced woman would be subjected to a world class nightmare, one few could ever dream of or even imagine. She was drawn into this dark world by experts and Cupid's arrows in this case were far more sinister. The handsome prince that she had sought was now more elusive than Unicorns. One day however he did come - he had even crept through a forest full of wild animals and bears in order to rescue her. This was certainly no fairy-tale, but she did survive it. Once her nightmare had ended, Maureen would now use this horrendous experience to help others who were victimized in one form or another. She had been down a very scary road in trying to find happiness and someone to love - but she had found it. Her life would be forever changed now that she had found her Unicorn. They were quite rare, but she now knew they really existed - and hers was named Paul. Every woman should have one - but not all of them did unfortunately. Maureen now wanted to help other women find the happiness she had in one way or another. Having been through the pain that she had endured- she wanted to alleviate that agony in others. Soon she would be given such an opportunity to do just that – and with a man beside her who truly adored her too. She had found her pot of gold at the end of this rainbow - she had at last found the happiness she was so desperately looking for. Hopefully she could now help other women to find theirs also.

September 14
Ian Macdonald

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