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No Cross-No Crown Trust God Through the Battle 2nd edition

            "Why do we suffer?  Should God prevent our trials, tribulations, and storms? Most people want God to deliver them from trouble.  But that's not what happens.  He allows us to be troubled.  He allows us to be tried, go through storms and face tribulations. He allows us to suffer because He is with us and knows we will come through alright.

            "Charlena has an awesome way of helping us understand that if we want a "crown" we must carry our "crosses."  No Cross, No Crown.  The things that earn us our crowns are the crosses we bear, even in the heat of the day.  What strengthens us to carry our crosses is the knowledge that one day we will exchange them for our crowns.

            "Charlena's writings help to refocus readers on the spiritual gifts that come from bearing your burdens with the promise of the gifts that come as a result of carrying heavy loads.  Charlena has the ability to translate her real-life experiences for others and provide a methodology that takes one from a cross to a crown."

Kenneth Alexander, Pastor, Antioch Baptist Church North, Atlanta, GA

Charlena Jackson, B.S., M.S., M.H.A. is a professor at a university in Georgia. She is a prolific writer and has published several books No Cross, No Crown: Trust God Through the Battle, No Cross, No Crown: Trust God Through the Battle 2nd edition, Teachers Just Don't Understand Bullying Hurts, I'm Speaking Up but You're Not Listening, I'm Speaking up but You're Not Listening 2nd edition, A Woman's Love is Never Good Enough, A Woman's Love is Never Good Enough 2nd edition, Dear Fathers of the Fatherless Children, Dying on the Inside and Suffocating on the Outside, Unapologetic for My Flaws and All, and Unapologetic for My Flaws and All 2nd editionher positive, dedicated and determined attitude has encouraged many people to put up a good fight for justice and to be treated with respect. She is currently working on her Ph.D. in Healthcare Administration. Charlena is a much-loved inspirational speaker. She loves to read, roller skate, cycle, write, and travel.

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December 16

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