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The Science of Living by Giving and Tithes

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Give as He is Able
What Does One Mean by Give?
Giving in Ancient Days
Objects of Charity
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When I began writing the Science Of Living books, and thinking about the topics on which to write, I came across a subject which is dear to my heart-The ancient practice of giving tithes or just giving from your heart, according to your means.
I was about seven years old, when I heard that my father’s uncle who had brought him up, went every month to the holy place, and gave 10% of his income to serve the needy and the poor.
I am not a Christian, so I did not know that tithes were part of the holy Writ. I just knew that people of our religion had been told by our gurus to give charity, a tenth part of whatever we earned to the needy and the poor.
It was called Daswand- the 10th part.
When I grew up and started earning, I also kept up the family tradition of giving a Daswand to Mother Teresa’s Sisters of Charity orphanage in our city. It took the form of food and clothes for the orphan children and babies. And when I used to come back, I used to feel as if the duty for the month had been done!
This sort of spiritual upliftment was not smug complacency and pride in saying, “well, just imagine I have given so much money in charity.” It was more of a humble feeling that thank you Lord, that you have given me so much and given me the will and the strength to part with even a 10th of it.
Whenever I used to go there, I used to be really happy about one thing – people from all walks of life, and from all religions came there, and gave freely. I saw Sikhs, Hindus, Mussalmans and Christians helping feed the needy, with what they could give.
And my eyes would filled with tears. This was one place where nobody cared about religion. It was just this child would freeze in the winter.

Believe it or not, as my income grew, it sometimes became very hard for me to part of comparatively large sums, because all that money was not being spent on me and my family. This is how selfish a human being is, and that is his natural instinct.
Deuteronomy 16:17 Every man shall give as he is able, according to the blessing of the Lord your God that he has given you.
Many people asked me why I did not give this money to serve people of my own religion and I used to give them looks of “oh God, what fools these mortals be. They need to bring in the idea of religion, even in a natural instinct of trying to help anybody belonging to the genus Homo sapiens. ”
Give with the feeling of humbleness that you Can give. Not with pride.
But then, this book is definitely not anything to do with religion, but more with the science of living in a manner befitting a good soul. However, bear with me, if it has quotations from Holy Writ of different holy books and stories taken from the sayings of the ancients. These books have been compiled by great, good and wise men, to help benefit mankind down the ages.
So, this book is going to tell you all about the art of giving, and giving generously. This is going to include some of my own personal views, but as they are universal, and so thoroughly human and most of them are what I would consider miracles, I am more than happy to share them with you.

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30 July
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