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For over a century, the entire world has been enshrouded with many mental acquisitiveness, newfangled hypothesis, and unexplainable apologues, governing the things that actually transpires behind the walls of the White House, and behind the mind of the President of the United States of America.

The world’s curiosity and educible reconnaissance to know how the President of the United States of America musters the ingenuity and the equanimity to indirectly govern the world, and directly govern the U.S, is quite understandable.

Inquiring minds are always eager to comprehend who or what influences, and drives the governance skills and decisions of the U.S President, in as much that they continuously kept putting forward theories of satanism, spiritualism, and other mediums that is hardly conceivable.

These ridiculous conceptions had prevailed because those spiritual researchers had never took the time off to examine other seemingly less significant factors that can reasonably influence the powerful man on earth. 

But in 2009 when Barack Obama became the 44th President of the United States , he allowed the world to understand for the first time, that it is the ordinary American citizen and the ordinary world citizen who serves as the main influencers of many decisions made by the U.S Government.

And those influencing factors are derived from the simple lines of the many letters that are addressed to the President every single day, by the ordinary man and woman who had took the time off to walk over to the post office, so that their thoughts can be known.

In this book, Notable author Dennis E. Adonis, tells a chronological story that trails on an actual daily letter ritual that President Barack Obama practices each morning, and one that may seem nonsensical to the untrained mind, but which had given the President a conduit to the root of socio-economic knowledge that is understandably necessary to govern effectively.

As such, you are invited to review this letter ritual which had spelt out the faith of many major global events, ranging from the Affordable Healthcare Act, to Bin Laden’s death, to the Arab Spring, and Gaddafi’s fall.

In Essence, these ten associated ritual letters that is within this book, would certainly give you an unprecedented view of what truly drives the decision-making mindset of President Barack Obama.

Religion & Spirituality
5 January
Dennis E. Adonis

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