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I am of the belief that exploring “the known” only we acquire knowledge, but exploring “the unknown” we develop our intelligence.

The title of this manuscript has implicit the potential reality that we come from the future where we find ourselves sharing our experiences and knowledge acquired in the form of energy with thousands others that vibrate to our frequency.

We are part of a Whole as the Whole is part of us. We are not comparable, only manifested in earthly experiences with such a unique and special diversity that transcends the human and moves through spirituality towards the divine and vice versa.

Life teaches us on a daily basis that we are neither more nor less than anyone else…, but the fate of our earthly experience teaches us that we have to be better today than we were yesterday.

This manuscript will try through combinations of information of multiple kinds… that we can open the doors to the world where the known is mixed subtly with the unknown, in an effort to teach us once more that only leaving behind the known and doing of the unknown the known of our present… we will find the true essence of who we are.

Let us try to forget throughout the reading of this manuscript everything that until now we believe we are…, all that they tell us that we are… and everything that they say or believe we should be…

Only then, will we experience something new… I hope that at the end it makes you feel at least a little bit different to what you were when you started reading it ... and if you feel that you have not changed at all… I sincerely thank you for your willingness and your time spent.

Health & Well-Being
April 28
Enrique A. Wulff

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