What Is Dark Psychology?: Valuable Summary Of The Main Purposes Controling People

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Publisher Description

Dark Psychology is both the study of criminal and deviant behavior and a conceptual framework in order to decipher the potential of evil that could be found within all of us. The idea with this one is that everyone, even if they realize it or not, will have the potential, if it is going to benefit themselves and even their families enough, to victimize other humans and creatures. Some people are just more willing to do it than others. You may not think about doing this to just get a promotion at work or to get someone to notice you, but you may be willing to hurt other people if you knew it would save your life or save the life of someone in your family.

According to dark psychology, every human has a bank of malevolent intentions geared towards other people, and these intentions range from fleeting thoughts to minimally obtrusiveness to pure psychopathic deviant characters that are devoid of any form of cohesive rationality. This book includes a multitude of DIY exercises to learn how to spot red flags and defend against dark psychology attacks from toxic people.

What you will also learn :

- Eye-opening insights on how people manipulate and get manipulated

- Instantly uncover and disarm toxic personalities

- Collection of most dangerous techniques of dark psychology and how to detect them on the spot

- Lots of case studies and DIY awareness tests in each chapter

- Protect you and your loved ones from severe mental damage

Health & Well-Being
29 November
Lavera Cristy