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This important U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) document, Vessel Safety Check Manual - 2014 Edition, has been professionally converted for accurate flowing-text e-book format. It is intended to provide operational guidance for vessel examiners and is not intended to nor does it impose legally binding requirements on any party outside the Coast Guard. Although this Manual refers to statutes and regulations, those references are provided to assist vessel examiners to educate members of the public who voluntarily apply for a vessel safety check.

Contents: Chapter 1. The Vessel Safety Check Program * A. Purpose * B. Definitions * C. Scope * D. Promoting The Vessel Safety Check Program * E. Vessels Eligible For A Vessel Safety Check * F. Boats Owned By Federal, State, Or Local Governments * G. Boats Owned By Scout Groups * H. Vessels Not Eligible For Safety Check * I. Activities Beyond Vessel Safety Check * J. Manufacturer Product Defect Notification * K. Relations With Law Enforcement Officials * L. District Supervision Of Vessel Examination Program * M. Vessel Safety Checks Outside Of The Home District * N. Vessel Examiner Qualification * Chapter 2. Conducting A Vessel Safety Check * A. Introduction * B. Uniform * C. Recommended Equipment And Forms * D. Providing Boating Safety Information * E. Conducting The Vessel Safety Check * F. Limitation Of The Vessel Safety Check * G. Criteria For A Satisfactory Vessel Safety Check * H. Awarding A Decal * Chapter 3. Requirements For The Vessel Safety Check Decal * A. Introduction * B. Vessel Safety Check Decal Requirements * Chapter 4. Passing Along Boater Safety Information * A. Introduction * B. Recommendations * 1. Registered Vhf-Fm Marine Radio (Dsc) With Gps Input * 2. Dewatering Device And Backup * 3. Mounted Fire Extinguishers * 4. Anchor And Rode * 5. First-Aid Kit And Rescue Gear * 6. Visual Distress Signals On Lakes * 7. Capacity Plate * 8. Other Items * 9. Owner Responsibility * 10. Offshore Operation - Epirb, Life Raft, And Additional Communications * 11. Emergency Positioning Indicating Radio Beacon (Epirb) And Personal Locator Beacon (Plb) * 12. Nautical Charts * 13. Hypothermia * 14. Cold Water Survival * 15. Immersion Suits * 16. First Aid * 17. Fueling * 18. Fuel Management * 19. Float Plans * 20. Weather And Sea Conditions * 21. Insurance And Towing Considerations * 22. Quick Reference Chart And Pre-Departure Checklist * 23. Safe Boating Courses * 24. Responsible Seamanship * Chapter 5. Paddle Craft * A. Introduction * B. Qualifications For Vessel Examiners * C. Duties, Requirements, And Procedures * D. Conducting The Vessel Safety Check For Paddle Craft * Chapter 6. Operational Surface Facilities * A. Introduction * B. Operational Surface Facility Classifications * C. Operational Surface Facility Criteria * D. Special Purpose Facility Criteria * E. Corporate, Partnership, Or Multiple Owned Facilities * F. Transfers Of Operational Facilities Between Districts/Regions * G. Equipment Requirements * H. Display Of Operational Surface Facility Flag And Decal * I. Display Of Public Safety Vessel I.D. Light.

This compilation includes a reproduction of the 2019 Worldwide Threat Assessment of the U.S. Intelligence Community.

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