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Do you work in Photoshop when you suspect you should be working in Illustrator?
Do you find Illustrator bizarrely daunting? Baffling? Unintuitive?
Do you look at work created in Illustrator and wish you could use it better?
Do you find online tutorials show you how to create one cool thing but don't lead you anywhere else?

This series...

Will quickly teach you the essentials of Illustrator
Will quickly sharpen your skills and build your confidence
Will give you a solid foundation for accurate, creative work
Will open up Illustrator so you can use it as a creative tool

In Creating Logos from Type, designer and trainer Peter Bone shows you how to create the dozen logos that you can see on the book’s cover, which are made with typefaces whose designers have made freely available online (links to the fonts are provided).

In an attempt to mirror the creative constraints of a typical design project, the elements used are restricted to little more than those typefaces. As you work through the book, the skills and approaches you learn will build upon each other and you'll discover that your use of Illustrator becomes increasingly intuitive.

Who Should Read this book?

If you're a professional designer or design student looking to explore what Illustrator can offer when designing with type, this book is for you. If you're a beginner this book is still relevant if you have an interest in designing with type, but it covers more challenging features than the other books in the Intuitive Illustrator series.

What will you learn?

You'll learn how to create all the logos you see on the cover, starting with the most simple and working through to the most complex. You'll start by learning how to apply text formatting such as kerning and tracking, then move on to outlining type and distorting it in various ways.

By the time you reach the end of the book you'll have learned about some of Illustrator's more demanding skills such as working with Compound Paths, Blends, Patterns and Appearances.

You'll also learn about different ways you can set up documents, how to create artwork that can be used in print or on the web, and how to work with spot colours, process colours and Pantone colours.

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18 de febrero
Peter Bone

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