Relationship Workbook for Couples

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Rekindling the Romance's Spark is an "A realistic guide in saving your relationships, and restarting over again".

Leading a boring relationship is pointless and draining. Some people set their standards high so they can avoid being involved in the wrong person, or worse--- marrying them and living all of your life stressing about them even when you didn't even plan to settle down with them! Most of us wanted a short, stress-free, and all-fun relationship denying the fact that every relationship comes with a responsibility. I might disappoint you but, in reality, you won't be able to have your ideal man/woman. The wrong decision started with you. As the saying goes, "expectation is the root of all heartache" is being applied to what you have decided, setting the bar high while exploring other bonds will lead you to constant doubts, suspicions, and distrust as you keep on looking for someone that doesn't even exist! You do not have to know if he/she is the right one because he/she already is. But, don't worry, this book will help you how to accept the person in front of you, and how to treat him like "the right one".

We can all be honest and say that a love relationship isn't exactly, the most susceptible thing to get. All relationship is established stronger overtime over the series of challenges thrown over two partners to test their ability of how far they can sacrifice and give for each other. Simon and Belinda Boyd share their experiences as they confront the most challenging phase of their life as a couple. They believe that love can be simple yet complex, incredible yet depressing, and sometimes it makes you want to scream either out of anger or happiness and we are all responsible for our partner's sudden change.

Most relationships usually start strong, with a burst of effort from both sides showing desires, planning things for their future, sharing song playlist, and more. Then, unfortunately, it starts to unwind and could come off as disinterest that might lead others into a breakup or annulment, crying your heart and wondering... "Why did it come to this?", "Could I do something about this?", "Why is everything so irritating and boring?"

What you'll discover in this book:

In this book, you'll discover all of the strong foundations in restarting a great relationship and how to comprehend if it's worth fighting for. Simon and Belinda have learned from their past relationship consulting experience wanted to share a book that will also help other couples who are struggling and assess some of the confusing parts of their relationship, resolving questions that you may be too ashamed or embarrassed to ask because of your relationship's good reputation. It will be a useful guide to better understand what you and your partner needs, both in good or bad times. Rekindling the Romance's Spark has proven these steps to bring back the bliss and keeping it nurtured and healthy. They wanted you to think that relationships can be perfect. This dissects all of the components that will help you to experience the long-term benefits of an:
Open and HonestJoyful and ComfortingAppreciative and GratefulTrustworthy and RespectfulInspiring and ImprovingRealistic and Stress-free relationship

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