Trial by Terror

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A serial killer goes on a murder rampage in this high adrenaline 2016 RONE Award finalist for best legal thriller book (formerly known as "Absolute Intolerance") from the bestselling author critics call 'one of the strongest thriller authors on the scene'

Lawyer Brent Marks must solve a murder to defend his client, a religious fanatic, accused of murdering gay couples. All the evidence leads to the client, a zealot who is outspoken against gay marriage & who requests Brent to be his criminal defense attorney, but Brent is not entirely convinced he is dealing with an innocent man. Can he bring himself to defend the only suspect in the case whom the police are sure is responsible for the murder? In order to form a viable criminal defense, Brent must solve the murders, leading him and his team straight into the path of the killer.

Searing and exhilarating, this legal thriller puts a spotlight on one of the biggest social issues of our time

#1 Hot New Release in Legal Thrillers

#1 Political Thriller

#1 Pulp Thriller

#14 in Legal Thrillers

What critics are saying about this serial killer thriller:

"Kenneth Eade is one of our strongest thriller authors on the scene and the fact that he draws his stories from the contemporary philosophical landscape is very much to his credit." Grady Harp, Amazon Hall of Fame, Top 100 and Vine Voice

"A truly suspenseful read in which the truth is not always what it appears to be; fantastic to-read for any lover of legal thrillers IndTale Magazine

"Packed with delightful twists and turns, its real surprise lies in an unexpected conclusion that neatly sums up events without a predictable path being taken. This makes for a gem of a read for courtroom drama and mystery fans used to the clues adding up to one direction. Absolute Intolerance remains thought-provoking from start to finish, and is a winning story fueled by issues of religious and gay civil freedoms alike."Midwest Book Review

"Eade is hitting readers where they hurt--he does not allow prejudice, beliefs, corrupt activities, etc., to go unnoticed. He attacks them, hoping to teach. If not, to force us to face reality. It must be recognized as a superb novel." GA Bixler Reviews

Find out what readers already know about this serial killer thriller:

"I have now read several Marks novels,and have thoroughly enjoyed them. As British who spent many years as a senior detective in London, I never cease to be amazed by the aberrations in the U.S. legal system which in criminal cases seem to lean in favour of the prosecution. Eade's legal expertise and natural ability in putting pen to paper, his sense of compassion and hatred of discrimination shine through." John Jones

"Only good things to say about this author. This story depicts how Lady Justice is sometimes ignored. As an avid reader of crime thrillers I strongly recommend all of his books" Linda Comeaux

"Well written legal thriller. Good job in bringing up the issue of homophobia. Eade is a true professional at his craft. The Brent Marks series is almost consistently excellent." A. Mockus

"I thank Mr Eade for writing this thought provoking book." Jan

"I have no words to describe this novel, believe me when I say that this a captivating read, rich in dialogues and descriptions that you won't stop reading until you reach the very end. I wasn't expecting that ending and it makes me love the book even more." Xalin

Misterio y suspenso
29 de diciembre
Times Square Publishing
Draft2Digital, LLC

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