Bearly Hanging On

Soulmate Shifters World

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The best type of romance is the one that’s forbidden.

Owen’s become an outcast  for losing his Tribe… and that label is enough to prevent him from claiming his mate under pain of death. Tara won’t understand that he’s a bear, anyway. She’ll be scared. She’ll run away. So he keeps his distance...for now...

But Tara’s being hunted by a group of guys who act more like a pack-- because they are. Wolf shifters are nothing to joke about, and once they attack Owen can’t stay away any longer.

Owen is large. Untamed. And damn, he’s good in bed. The connection they have is deep and undeniable, the lust they have for each other something primal.

Yet the wolves are still lurking-- they’re out for revenge, and they won’t stop until they have Tara. If Owen wants Tara as his mate, he’ll have to fight to the death to keep her.

A sexy adventure that’s got thrills (and wild romps!) around every corner, Bearly Hanging On is the third book in the scintillating Soulmate Shifters in Mystery, Alaska series. If you like paranormal romance featuring protective bear shifters who love pleasuring and defending their women, then what are you waiting for? One-click to start reading this action-packed love story today!

January 15
KS Publishing
Crystal Johnston

Customer Reviews

ninja_trainer ,

Paws-itively wonderful

This is the first book I’ve read from this author and despite not beginning with the first book in the series, I was able to understand the concept of her series. Basically, men shifters in a new world who are lucky enough to find their fated mates.

Owen is considered an outcast from his tribe and because of that has been forbidden to have any contact with his fated mate, Tara. He has to live apart from all the other shifters aside from his sister, who has chosen to stay with him. But Owen manages to keep watch over Tara despite all the warnings.
Then one day Tara becomes the object of another shifter’s attention and Owen has to fight to get her back, exposing his own secret as a shifter.

I didn’t expect to enjoy this book so much! The story was compelling and the characters were interesting enough that I cared about what happened to them.
I loved that Owen was accepting of his fate as an outcast until he wasn’t. He wasn’t going to let his mate be harmed because of a mistake that he made and if he was going to be killed because he protected her then so be it. I loved that he tried to convince his sister to leave him and join the others so that she wouldn’t be lonely. I loved that he had the courage to protect the dragon that had made him an outcast.

This book was so great I’ve decided to read all the ones I’ve missed!

Lexee9 ,

Fun story

I really enjoyed this one! This was a fun story to read and pulled me in from beginning to end. Tara and Owen don’t have it easy and people keep interfering and trying to keep them apart but there is something that continues to draw them together. I loved the characters and am excited to see where this series goes next.

Arieslady52 ,

Honor saves everyone

Owen the bear shifter is an outcast, a former alpha who lost his tribe and his honor to a cheating opponent. He scents Tara at her parents store in town but dares not claim her. As an outcast it is forbidden. Col the dragon shifter will kill him. But rogue wolves target her, her parents are away, and his bear won't let Tara go unprotected. This suspenseful love story sees an outcast brought into the tribe along with his mate. Super sexy, heartbreaking in parts, and touched with subtle humor and compassion, this is a shifter story well worth reading.

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