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Bleeding Heart is a timeless fable about living life with passion. It will bring joy to your soul as you turn the pages ever faster.
In a grey, permanently overcast city in South America, a child is born with a gap in his chest; a heart that is open to the world. To most, it appears to be a weakness. It is in fact a gift.

Sole heir to a wealthy sugar plantation, his totalitarian father tries to force him to follow the family tradition of administering their slave-run empire. Paco refuses, opting to follow his dream of singing.

Driven from his home by his father’s ultimatum, Paco is lured into a world of political deception where his musical abilities land him on the wrong side of the law... and deeply in love. Having to run for his life and freedom. Escaping to the Andes, fate leads him to a mystical Inca shaman, who teaches him how to follow his heart and his inner voice.

He is confronted with the decision; to have a heart that bleeds forever, or choose the path where there’s no more bleeding - even if it means death. He discovers that nothing is impossible, and that living with an open heart is not weakness, but a gift to the world.

Xavier the songwriter has become a story teller, but his words are not just words, they are lyrics that drip strength and passion.

“An inspirational journey into a heart that allows you to experience every aspect of love, heartbreak, glory and triumph. Xavier Saer exposes himself through his main character and takes the reader on a life changing journey that allows us to question every aspect of our lives through another man’s adventure. A Beautiful story that is beautifully written with a message that will linger through the generations”
- Leanne Manas, Award-winning TV presenter.

“Inspiring journey into the heart of a destiny fuelled by passion and redeemed by love, our ultimate Destiny.”
- Natalie B Becker, Award-winning actress, presenter, author and speaker.

September 1
Heart Space Publications
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