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A startling new vision of paranormal romance: When a human ventures into the world of vampires—a decadent milieu of blood-bonds and betrayal—she discovers that not all is what it seems.
For Reyna Carpenter, giving up her body isn’t a choice. It’s survival.
In a civilization laid waste by poverty and desperation, Reyna accepts a high-paying position with the wealthy and hungry vampire elite. Her new job is as the live-in blood escort for the intimidating, demanding, and devilishly handsome Beckham Anderson. He’s everything she expected from a vampire, except for one thing—he won’t feed off her.
Reyna soon discovers that behind Beckham’s brooding, wicked façade lies a unique and complex man. And that, in a dark and divided world, she is more valuable than she ever would have believed.
For with each passing night, Reyna can’t shake the sensation that it’s Beckham who’s afraid of her.
Note: Reyna and Beckham’s story continues in Blood Match.

This ebook includes an excerpt from another Loveswept title.

April 24
Random House Publishing Group
Penguin Random House LLC

Customer Reviews

sferguson105 ,

3.5 angsty Stars!

I’m honestly not sure how I feel about this book. It drew me in from the start and kept me there, but I honestly almost put it down quite a few times, because Beckham drove me a bit insane. He was sexy and alpha, but he was a very indecisive hero. While by the end of the story I understood why, I had already made my mind up. I ADORED Reyna. While she’s sweet, she’s feisty and stands up for what she believes in. Even if it made waves, she wasn’t going to bite her tongue.

The story itself was great. Like I said, it drew me in from the beginning and had me wondering what would happen next. This is definitely a good read, and I would recommend it. Just be prepared for wanting to throat punch the hero a bit.... (but keep in mind, he does redeem himself)

Lisa Bateman ,

So spot on for the bloodbank stuff

I just know this will be one of my most favorite books this year. And the author was so accurate in her bloodbank details about blood types, even the rh null type. I wonder if she is a lab tech. The main characters were so hot. Reyna was very brave to sign up for being a blood courtesan for a vampire. She hates needles but went through testing for her brothers. They are all very poor and work morning to night and are still starving and live in a dirty unsafe warehouse district. The vampire she is assigned to is very scary but of course hot. He is also one of the very high up officials at the organization that she is now working for. This scares her even more, thinking he will really be an animal. But he never drinks from her. And did I mention, she has to live with him? He even sleeps in another room and doesn’t try for sex. She didn’t know exactly what to expect going in but she knew it paid a lot. After testing, she was told she would get double her salary. He also gave her a credit card with no limit on it. Every day she is drawn closer to him. But he is the biggest jerk, hardly talking except to yell at her or scare her somehow. She can’t understand why he doesn’t want her blood though. He almost acts like it disgusts him. Little does she know, it is the opposite because her blood type is such a rare type.

Through it all she has one friend she made in the valet who works at the building she lives in. He is also human. He gives her the ins and outs of the city. There are fighting factions like rebels against the company and vampires. And there are vampires who treat their blood courtesan horrible and beat them. There are even rogue vampires who just go around killing humans without even caring what type. Not drinking the correct type will make the vampire go mad. I’m dying to say more but I’ve probably said too much already. It does end on a cliffhanger but it is such a great book that it is worth it.

If you like audiobooks, the narrator is so amazing! I think she’s my new favorite! I swear there was a guy doing the male voices. Idk how she can sound so feminine and so male.

Vmbarry ,


I hate being sucked in just so I have to buy another book just to finish a story. When I finish a book I like it to end at that time. I also do Not like having to pay full price on a book that doesn’t have paper involved. I could see if the book was a paper back because of all the expenses involved but Not an iBook.

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