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BROCK – 7 Brides for 7 Blackthornes  Book 5

Meet the Blackthorne men, who are as hot, fast, and smooth as the whisky that built the family fortune, and the yachts and race cars that bear their name. From proud Scottish stock, Blackthornes never lose. But, one by one, the seven sexy men in this family are about to risk everything when they fall for strong and beautiful women who test their mettle in life…and love.

Brock – Book Five

With proud Blackthorne blood in his veins, Brock Blackthorne loves his job a the keeper of the “brand.” His job is to protect the family name, to keep the company’s reputation as clean as possible, and ensure that skeletons stay well-hidden at the family compound in King Harbor, Maine. So when an ambitious and inquisitive biographer is tasked to pen a revealing “tell all” book about the Blackthornes, Brock decides to personally guide the beautiful writer far away from any family landmines. But the more time he spends sharing the history and heart of his unusual clan, the more he wants this captivating woman in his arms…and in his life.

The daughter of renowned investigative journalists, Jenna Gillespie’s job, reputation, and advance money is on the line if she doesn’t unearth something scintillating and surprising about this dynasty built on whisky. Unfortunately, the maddeningly sexy Brock Blackthorne is doing everything he can to make sure that doesn’t happen. But when she uncovers a lead about the family’s multi-million dollar whisky recipe having been stolen, Brock decides to help her, certain they will finally remove a cloud that hangs over the family name.

As Jenna and Brock get closer to the truth, they also get closer to each other. And when the real story is finally revealed, one of them will have to sacrifice all they think they hold dear if they have any chance for a lifetime of love.

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Published since 2003, Roxanne St. Claire is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of more than fifty romance and suspense novels.  She has written several popular series, including The Dogfather, The Dogmothers, Barefoot Bay, the Guardian Angelinos, and the Bullet Catchers.

In addition to being an ten-time nominee and one-time winner of the prestigious RITA™ Award for the best in romance writing, Roxanne has won the National Reader’s Choice Award for best romantic suspense four times, as well as the Maggie, the Daphne du Maurier Award, the HOLT Medallion, Booksellers Best, Book Buyers Best, the Award of Excellence, and many others.

A mother of two but recent empty-nester, Roxanne lives in Florida with her husband.  She loves dogs, books, chocolate, and wine, especially all at the same time.

ISBN: 978-0-9993621-9-8 – BROCK 7 Brides ebook

August 27
South Street Publishing
Roxanne St. Claire

Customer Reviews

Jen G F ,


ARC for honest review with no compensation received from L Woods PR

Brock by Roxanne St. Clair is book 5 in the series 7 Brides for 7 Blackthornes written by six other amazing authors! Each book is a standalone but has an underlying story that connects to each book...

Brock Blackthorne, the keeper of the Blackthorne brand, protecting the family name, keeping any skeletons in the closet and the company’s reputation spotless. What he doesn’t expect is to see the beautiful woman he met and shared a cab with in a summer storm to be the same woman who wamts to write a tell all book about the Blackthornes, the stolen whisky recipe and the rumors that are abound...

Jenna Gillespie, biographer, the daughter of well known investigative journalists and who’s job, advance and reputation is on the line must discover some skeletons in the Blackthorne closet or lose everything.

Brock wants to keep her at his side to control what she writes but when she discovers a lead to the so called stolen whisky recipe he is determined to help her and prove once and for all the recipe is not stolen! Lots of laughter, chemistry, twists, turns, attraction and hopefully a HEA...

Logan by Samantha Chase is up next but we are still don’t have any answers to the underlying story...

Mpomper514 ,

Brock - Family Protector

Brock is Book 5 of a multi-author series about the Blackthorne Family. While this is part of a series, it can be easily read as a stand alone, but I highly recommend you read all of the books since you get to follow the story line of this amazing family. Loved how even though each brother/cousin in the Blackthorne family is written by different authors they all flow so well together.

Brock is returning back to Boston after a long get away back home to Maine. He goes to the office before going back home only to discover that he has an appointment scheduled the next morning with an author who wants to write a book about his family. Brock is all about branding and protecting the family's reputation, and doesn't want to meet with this author but because the publisher is a family friend he is forced to. He plans to do his best to steer the author in the direction he wants the book to go.

Enter Jenna, who was burned in her attempt to write a previous book only to have to cancel it as it was set to go to press. She is pressured by her famous parents, as well as the publishing company, to get a sensational story about the Blackthornes. She has heard rumors of the famous Blackthorne Gold Whisky recipe as being stolen, and is determined to find out the truth. Brock will do anything to protect his family.

With their mutual attraction for each other, and with both of them overcoming phobias makes for a great story. You won't be disappointed to see how this story unfolds.

BBQ griller ,

Brock is an AMAZING Love Story!

I received a free ARC of Brock, by Roxanne St. Claire, part of the 7 Brides for 7 Blackthornes, for an honest review. I loved the book. I could not put it down. I was originally on the fence as to whether or not I wanted to read the series, and reading Brock's story and how he interacts with his brothers and cousins, made me change my mind. I have already downloaded the first two stories and have pre-ordered the other four. Brock is the story of Brock Blackhorne, who is in charge for maintaining the image and brand of Blackthorne Gold whisky. On a rainy evening, Brock hails a cab and as he opens one car door, Jenna Gillespie opens the other and they decide to share the taxi. Jenna is in town to meet with Brock to write a "tell all" book about the Blackthornes, hoping to dig us some family secrets. Brock introduces himself as "David", because he doesn't want Jenna to know that he is a Blackthorne and Brock is such a rare name. Therefore, Jenna does not realize that "David" is Brock Blackthorne. Things heat up between Jenna and David and they spend the night in Jenna's hotel room. Brock is surprised to discover that his early morning meeting with "J. Gillespie" is with Jenna. Brock is uncertain if he wants to help Jenna write her book about his family. She brings up the idea that the recipe for their Blackstone Gold whiskey was stolen, and he wants to put an end to this rumor once and for all. Jenna is hell bent on discovering some Blackthorne family secrets to assure the book is a bestseller. Brock agrees to help Jenna, only because he wants to control and know what she is writing. As things continue to heat up between them, Jenna tells Brock that she does not want to start any relationship with him, until her book is done. She is concerned how it might look to her publisher. Like all Roxanne St. Claire books, this one includes her signature bittersweet moments, heartwarming memories, wonderful characters, and an amazing story. I love Fiona Blackthorne, Brock's grandmother. She is so funny and feisty, and so protective of her family. Both Jenna and Brock have crippling fears, which makes them so real. Love the surprise plot twist that Roxanne throws in near the end, as always. It was a wonderful story and I could not put it down. Glad that everything was resolved in the end, and some of it I did not see coming. I love how Roxanne includes details about the other brothers and cousins and their relationships, even though she did not write the other books in the series. I am certain it will be one of my favorites in the series and am sure it will make for a wonderful series. So looking forward to reading the other book

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