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Cinderella retold: Fae, vampires, shifters, and a Godmother who’ll grant you any wish—if you pay the price.

Elle is desperate enough to do the one thing she promised herself she’d never do: bargain with the Godmother for a wish. But if she pays the price, it will leave her forever changed.

So she makes the daring decision to lie to the Godmother.

She’ll pretend to pay the price.

Can she get away with her freedom before the Godmother finds out?

~ ~ ~

This is episode 3 of 6 of a SERIALIZED Cinderella retelling. It is not novel-length. Expect cliffhangers! Approximately 23,000 words or 100 print pages.

**Prefer to binge-read all the episodes together? Look for City of Wishes: The Complete Cinderella Story**

~ ~ ~

In a world of fae, vampires and shifters, where wishes can be bought and bargained for, Elle is human, bound to her stepmother by a slave charm. Her only hope at freedom is to wish for it. But the Godmother rules the illegal wish trade, and the price she demands is steep. Is Elle willing to pay it?

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
May 24
Rachel Morgan
Rachel Morgan

Customer Reviews

lyouts ,

Cinderella goes to the ball...

To start with I’d just like to warn fellow readers that this is the second part in a serialized story, so you should have read Parts 1 and 2 first, and this part ends in a cliffhanger. Okay, with that out of the way, let’s get on with the review.
In the third installment of the City of Wishes story, The Moonlight Masquerade, Elle finds herself faced with a terrible dilemma… The Godmother is willing to grant Elle her freedom from her abusive stepmother but in return, she demands that Elle kill Prince Chevalier at the royal ball. She works her magic so Elle can go to the ball and lots of shenanigans ensue.
Elle finally finds out (and the reader gets confirmation) that Dex is the prince.
We find out more about the Allegiant Vampires’ to overthrow the Fae Royal Family and rule the realm. There are a few very cute moments between Elle and Dex at the end, but they get cut short by a massive cliffhanger! I can’t wait to get my copy of Part 4!

Betinaclark ,


This series has so many twists and turns and surprises around every corner! The author knows how to keep us panting for the next installment with the crazy cliffhangers. I’ve fallen in love with Elle and a few other characters and hate her stepmom. I found myself mad, laughing , and heart racing with fear throughout the story.

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