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Think you could never join a cult? Think again.

Cults thrive on secrecy, isolation, deception, and manipulation as they coerce even worldly and intelligent people into their cruel grip. In this award-winning memoir, Alexandra Amor shines a light on cults so that others might learn from her heartbreaking experience. Amor gracefully and sensitively explains how ordinary and intelligent people get seduced into joining cults, why they stay despite the emotional and psychological abuse, and what the long process of recovery looks like once someone leaves a cult.

Amor’s transparency about her decade-long involvement with a Vancouver, Canada cult makes this powerful and gripping book an excellent resource for those wanting to know more about how the mind control of a high demand spiritual or religious group works.

“This excellent memoir reveals how a charismatic, manipulative spirit medium can use love for God and neighbor as a hook to drag a small group of devotees into her cynical web of impossible goals for self-perfection. After a heroic struggle for insight, Alexandra Amor was one of the cult members who broke the abusive spell.”
Joesph Szimhart, Cult Information Specialist

Knowledge is power. Buy this chilling memoir today and educate yourself about how cults work.

Religion & Spirituality
September 28
Alexandra Amor
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Customer Reviews

Rick Pyle ,

Cult, A Love Story

I very much enjoyed Alexandra Amor's book,"Cult, A Love Story"! I have read many other experiential books written by ex-members of Scientology, Jonestown, The Church of God, and numerous others. I found her book, however, to be the most painfully honest and self-critical of my collection.

Many people assume that only naive, stupid, or gullible people fall prey to cults. This couldn't be further from the truth. The average cult member is a college-educated seeker after religious fulfillment, often coupled with a powerful desire to help others. Ms. Amor's book details how this intelligent woman gradually went from a meditation group member to a indoctrinated disciple of a charismatic cult leader. She describes her journey from cult loyalist to rebirth and redemption with no excuses offered, logging all the petty humiliations, soaring highs, and rock-bottom lows in the new age group.

I hope her book is read by those presently in spiritually controlling cult-like groups, and those that love them.

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