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Are you truly awake? Do you know what is around you?
In all things we are ruled by our perceptions. We take in mass quantities of data and then process it until we think we understand. Often we don’t, we just think that we do. Your brain is an amazing thing, capable of taking a few facts and producing an answer. The answer may not be correct. Consider five people witness an accident and now have come up with different colours for the cars when asked to remember the accident. How is that possible? It is because that is what they have remembered, that is the information they have stored
Life itself is filled by this level of deception. It is possible to have a better understanding of reality by simply paying more attention and gathering more detail. What that means is looking at an event from as many possible ways as you can. Use different ways to store the data. Say the colour and number of vehicles out loud. Write them down. Talk to the person next to you. Yes this is more work than most people want to do, however you may find that you have a better clarity and your judgments are sounder.
What does this have to do with anything you may ask? Well the bottom line is that most people simply glide through life without ever really considering it.
This book is philosophy, mine and others, about the world around us and our part in it. I will never suggest that my way is the only way or even that I am correct, merely my way of looking at things. We will discuss science, medicine, philosophy and the dreaded religion. We will also examine how our governments respond to the challenges and what our part should be.
Philosophy in itself is not just for the intellectuals. It is for everyone at every stage of their life. The basis of philosophy is inherent in everything around us. Philosophy is what is formed of religions and ideas. It is also accountable for the knowledge that we have and how we view that knowledge.
From the very beginning of the ancient philosophers, to present-day, all have an idea to present. Plato is perhaps the best-known and most well read of all ancient philosophers. He owes his understanding to Socrates and the schooling it was set up for it. He lived in the fourth century B.C.E. and spent about 80 years on this planet first lifetime. This particular writings have influenced almost all schools of philosophy.
There is a very long list of philosophers and each has its own particular merit. The main problem is that most people assume that philosophy is beyond them. They failed to recognize all the philosophies that are current in their own life. You can read all about the philosophers and their ideas and see how they pertain to you. It is unnecessary however to spend a lifetime researching other people's ideas. You have ideas of your own, you have philosophies of your own and these are what you need to explore. It is only convenient to read the words others have stated and from that draw conclusions.
Philosophy is a lifetime event regulated by our own thoughts and actions. There is nothing that is beyond you just your failing to look for it.
We will seek to instill a few ideas, but for the most part, to gain any value you must search for your own ideas. Your place in the world is governed by you and not how others would place you in.
People throughout your entire life have presented you with their good idea for you. Sometimes it takes the image of being helpful. Sometimes is given to you to show you that they are far superior to you in every way and by stating their version of the knowledge, they are presented at a much higher intellect.
Philosophy has nothing to do with intellect, it has more to do with the intelligence to see the world around you and from that draw conclusions. It has been stated that the only correct philosophy is your own because it involves you.
Those that seek knowledge will find it.

July 10
James Bryron Love
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