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Heart Waves
Open Up to Your Heart Potential
A Guided Approach
You may have asked: How can I become more myself? The answer is: Open up to your Heart waves. This book can guide you on your way to the Heart. These insights and a structured approach will help you learn easy-to-use applications that, once mastered, will allow you to feel their effects within a fraction of a second! You can use these applications in everyday life, anywhere and anytime you need them. Learn to use universal principles of human life, energy and fields.
The approach in this book is offered in four parts. The first part gives insights into you by mixing established useful insights with exciting new insights from brain research and Morphic Fields. In the second part, you prepare for your journey. I help you with a plan to reveal the specifics of you, to get to your Heart. In the third part, I guide you in applying powerful exercises that help you get to the Heart. Learn how to ground in one second and how to focus and defocus. Get to the Heart and find its guidance in your life: in your work, your community and in private. After you successfully work through the exercises, you will build experiences with the Heart. In the fourth part, I present stories from clients. I put the Heart in a wider perspective: it is beneficial for you, your loved ones and your community.
The most commonly mentioned benefits are:
*Making contact with yourself
*Gaining balance and self confidence
*Quieting thinking and having a clearer head
*Getting centered within a split second
*Gaining insight into yourself
*Finding that comforting feeling
*Soothing the body
*Being able to stand up for yourself
*Finding joy
*Learning to listen to your Self and finding guidance
*Shielding and protecting yourself from other people’s energy
*Receiving peace, quiet and space

These applications were developed for and with sensitive people according to their needs. And the need that is almost always present, whether obvious or lurking in the background, is: How can I become more myself?

Health, Mind & Body
October 1
Ronald Martens
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