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Midnight Haze. It’s the city’s sexiest, most taboo night club, and my friend has dragged me along for an evening of good, old-fashioned hedonism. But while she’s off scratching an itch, I’m swimming in a sea of masked faces all dying for a taste.

A taste of me. A taste of each other. I am their fresh meat, their prey. And I feel helpless in the tide of their desire.

My one anchor is a stranger I know all too well. A man as forbidden as Eden’s fruit. He calls to me from behind a mask, but I know what lurks behind it: my billionaire stepbrother, Dale.

Can I resist his call, or will the hot, sweltering darkness claim us both?

Fiction & Literature
August 15
Smutpire Press
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Alwayzshy ,

Behind the Mask

Penelope, aka Pene BDSM club, Midnight Haze,with a friend for support. But little does she know that she's going to get more than a lesson about sex this night that her whole life. She gets an invite from a stranger to join him and she excepts the offer. She doesn't know why she does just that she's drawn to him. So when they get to the room and clothes come off she realizes why she is so dry for him. It's Dale, her stepbrother. And she only just figured it out when she sees the birthmark.

And this is When things really get hot and heavy. Will they go through with their attraction to each other? Or will they walk away because the family?

I really like this book I cannot wait to see what happened. The sex scenes in this book was very hot. I can't wait to read the next book in the series. I recommend this book and series to others.

straighttalker198 ,


No 24 pages is like a snap of the fingers nothing, meaningless and pointless

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