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Zander has relived his wife’s death at the hands of vampires every day for almost three hundred years, his perfect memory a curse of becoming one of The Turned—infecting him their final heinous act after her murder.

Nineteen year-old Sydney Winter knows Zander’s secret, a secret preserved by the women in her family for four generations. But with her mother in a coma, she’s thrust into the front lines, ahead of her time, to fight side-by-side with Zander.

And she wouldn’t change a thing.

She loves the excitement, she loves the danger.

And she loves Zander.

But it’s a love that will have to go unrequited, because Zander has only one thing on his mind. And it’s been the same thing for over two hundred years.


But today, revenge will have to wait, because Zander Varga, Private Detective, has a new case. A woman’s husband is missing. The police aren’t interested. But Zander is. Something doesn’t smell right, and he’s determined to find out why.

From USA Today bestselling author J. Robert Kennedy comes The Turned, a terrifying story that in true Kennedy fashion takes a completely new twist on the origin of vampires, tying it directly to a well-known moment in history. Told from the perspective of Zander Varga and his assistant, Sydney Winter, The Turned is loaded with action, humor, terror and a centuries long love that must eventually be let go.

February 14
J. Robert Kennedy
J. Robert Kennedy

Customer Reviews

Scott11024 ,

The Turned

Good book. Kept me reading till it was finished.

jaow ,

Great story

Can't wait to read the next book!

Gma&ggmaof5 ,

Success without sex

This is a good read with the writer using his imagination to come up with a brand new and different idea for vampires. Again it is a male author who achieves writing a fun book that holds your attention without feeling he has to write about actual sex for 1/3 of the book! So refreshing and proof it does not take smut or even delving into someone's intimate relationship to write a great story. Sadly I think everyone pretends to desire books that are "steamy" because authors who would be good writers without it think everyone really wants to read about it. Vicious cycle! However, the wonderful books/stories written without chapters of sex keep selling and making the top of the charts and winning awards. Does it take someone with more confidence to write a book - one they believe will hold its own - without all of the intimate sexual details? I wish some of my favorite female writers would take the chance so I can pay to read a whole book rather than skip through so many pages that I have no desire or need to read. Thank you for writing such a story and proving my point! I enjoyed getting to read all of the pages!

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