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Come back to the Nogiku world with Jiro Itō and Mark Sakai as they live the events of Removed from their perspective. 

Secrets, lies, and cover-ups are all in a day's work for Jiro and Mark, but when Sanaa Griffin enters their world, truths emerge, plans fall by the wayside, and enemies come out of the shadows. How does Mark veer so far off course while training Sanaa? And how does Jiro win back his family's loyalty after losing their trust? 

If you loved the Nogiku Series, Revealed will uncover the details behind all the action and reveal the future life of Sanaa and Jiro on Yūsei. Don't miss this companion novel to the four books of The Nogiku Series!

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
November 18
Onigiri Press
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

AngryAnon2100 ,

#5 not worth buying

The first four books were amazing but the 5th was really redundant. It's nice to be able to see the male characters' viewpoints but not a lot of new information

Austin is music ,

The Nogiku Series-wow!

I just finished the fourth book in this one of a kind series, "Reclaimed" and as soon as I write my praises here I'm going to start on the fifth with no pause. Such a multifaceted series has kept me up late but you'll also see how hard it is to put them down.
Set in 3013 (relying on memory) there are so many intertwining stories at times I would think it was today or even in the past and then BLAM, no we're not.
Still the science fiction, good as it is, does not get in the way of the fascinating characters.
These books are not small but I've read 4 in less than a week.
Now I've just finished Revealed #5 and at first I thought, Oh she's getting extra mileage by simply repeating part of the story. I was wrong again in a big way. It's a whole new book about characters we met before. But certainly not reruns. Every page had a viewpoint I had never thought of and a retelling of scenes retold becomes a fascinating new book with no doubts.
You'll be just as hooked.

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