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From the Desk of the How-To Junkie for the "Inspiration Junkie":

Howdy friend, who wants "to get inspired,"

Lacking inspiration? Not feeling your mojo? Can't find your muse? Don't sweat it fellow aspiring inspiration junkie! You are here because you want to have more inspiration in your life - whether it's for doing work, accomplishing goals, or putting that final touch on that magnum opus.

Look around you...there are inspirations all around; you just have to find it and see it. I will help you do that; however, it's not going to be easy.
Now you're probably wondering: "Huh? Why are you telling me it's not going to be easy? Isn't that counterintuitive, because you're supposed to tell me how easy it is to get inspiration so I will buy this book?"

Well, yes, I probably could do what most folks out there will - give you the usual recycled inspirational stories or quotes, and tell you to "just believe in yourself" to only feel pumped temporarily in that present moment...which I'm sure you're getting tired of hearing.

The truth is - inspiration is rather subjective. Let face it, not everybody is going to get inspired by the same scenery of nature or the sound of a waterfall because each of us get inspired by different things. You have to discover what they are for yourself.

Thus, this will not be your typical feel-good inspiration book. On the contrary, this is more like an "inspiration training workbook" than anything else, for a personalized self-involved interactive approach to be an inspiration junkie.

By being an "Inspiration Junkie," you will know:

* How to Inspire Yourself Through Your Own Words.

* How to Find Inspiration within Your Environment.

* How to Get Inspiration from Other People.

* How to Draw Out Inspiration that Really Matters.

* How to Optimize Your Inspiration to the Next Level.

...and full-satisfied junkie more.

Remember that this will not be another lazy feel-good motivational read. If you don't like doing exercises, then this is not for you and I'm sorry for wasting your time.

The goal I really want by the time you're finished going through this is that you will have gotten tons of inspirations that you can apply anywhere in your life, after putting in the work and effort. If that is you, welcome aboard and let's get inspired!

Signing off. Your friend,
- The How-To Junkie

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May 20
How-To Junkie
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Customer Reviews

C.M.Miller ,

I have a new inspiration helper, no more blocks!

Ever had those times when you sit down to write, paint, create something but you can't get it to flow? We all have for writers it is call writer's block others it is called a creative block that comes from having a problem with finding inspiration. When I found this book I found my "inspiration helper" so to speak.

I found that this wonderful book gives me tidbits of information to help remove blockage and get me back into creating what I love. My work and my home businesses, both require me to create and I have had a block with one them for a while, and it has really bugged me. I was skeptical that this book could help, after all i have tried other books and self help types of things to get out of my slump, but I gave in and sat down and read it. After doing a few of the activities in it I did feel inspired and was able to create a few pieces that I am proud of.

"How to get Inspired" uses help you find the inspiration you need, something other books don't do they may tell you steps to get inspiration. Which doesn't work for most people. This book urges you to use friends and family as well as social media to find inspiration as well. This was something I hadn't thought of as an inspiration tool before only an outlet for marketing my businesses.

After reading this book I am certain that I will be able to continue to become inspired and create more inspired work, that I and my customers will be happy about.

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